questions and more questions

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I was diagnosed two weeks ago with Epilepsy and had my license taken and took back my car (rent to own) but have not met with a doctor yet to even ask questions about this?? I am not on medication nor do I want to be...but do most people get told something like this and then wait? I also feel kinda weird...I mean, I have complex partial seizures and most likely have had this my whole life. I don't know why they took my Driver's away as well...what is my condition?

new type of temporal lobe seizures?

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I was diagnosed with TLE this year after suffering from epilepsy for 7 years (since I was 11/12) and being told it was blood pressure, hormones or blood sugar issues. anyway I've been on lamictal since I was diagnosed, now (50 mg) a day. my last seizure was on the 29th of August my seizures for the last 7 years have been a rising feeling in the chest, dizziness, lack of muscle control in my legs and 10 seconds on jerking and shaking. however today was different. earlier today I had blurry vision in my eyes. I dismissed it and it went back to normal.

Psychogenic and Epileptic seizures HELP

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Ok I am so confused! The doctor told me I look like I have epileptic seizures but he's not sure. The Keppra is working and I don't have anything but auras now for almost two weeks! He told me he has no idea so he's going to call it non-epileptic seizures but still give me keppra and all that. WHAT???? Will someone please explain to me what the heck is going on? Two EEGS are normal so what does this mean? I know that I have PTSD but I really don't think I am having psychogenic seizures. I know that can happen but it doesn't make sense for my situation.

Newborn Seizures -- New to Website

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Hello, my name is Amanda. I have two sons, a 3 year old and my little Ben who was born in August of this year. Ben has been having seizures since shortly after birth. His birth had been typical and the pregnancy was fairly normal (a UTI and sinus infection, otherwise standard). At first doctors dismissed it as "newborn twitching", his nervous system developing. Then they seemed to stop for a couple weeks, then started and were really intense. He was having generally about 30 seizures a day.

Newly diagnosed, auras? Need advice.

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I am 29 years old and had my first grand mal seizure in May of this year, before my seizure I had "spells" where I would feel odd get very warm and nauseated, and they would go away. Sometime I will get an odd smell or taste in my mouth. I had these spells before I had a seizure and now that I have been diagnosed with a seizure disorder and am taking Keppra 500 mg twice a day I continue to have these spells randomly. Wondering if I should consider these Auras? If I am still having them should I talk to my neurologist about uping my dosage. Thanks for reading!

Employers dont get epilepsy

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IS it just me or are other epileptics out there finding it tough to either keep a job or has an employer that just does not get what epilepsy is, what it does to the individual, what kind of life that you have to endure being diagnosed w/ Epilepsy? Please reply w/ answers, discussions, etc. HELP me understand! PLEASE


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Let me start of by saying I am only a junior in high school but wanted advice from people who have been here.

Since I was nine, I have wanted to become a physical therapist. However, with my new diagnosis of seizures, I wasn't sure if that goal could be attained.

Is anyone out there a physical therapist??

I probably should add my seizures were fairly controlled but I recently had a really bad cluster. No hospital! Just no high school and extra-circulars until I got better



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