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I am a new participant.  My 9yo daughter has a history of partial complex seizures.  After multiple meds and side effects over the years her seziures were well controlled until this spring.  She had an additional med added, zonegran,  which over the course of 4 months we believe caused her to have fears, scary thoughts and suicidal ideation.  This med was discontinued.  Suidicide thoughts went away, however, she just didn't seem right.  She continued to be fearful, out of the blue, and on further review we think the fear may be associated with her pc seizures.  Recently she had three extremely


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hi, you posted onhere about your arm or leg going dead after a seizure....could you explain more..you are in the chat room but would like you to post here so that we could discuss these happenings...thanks..mel


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Because of the Hotmail problems i have opened a new email address, but i can't close the hotmail one down untill i figure out how to change it in this group.

Anyone know how?

I had epilepsy from the age of 13 until 18, I'm 35 now and EEG showed positive

Submitted by web-site-admin on Sun, 11/07/2004 - 15:56
I had a total of about 6 or 7 seizures in my life from age 13-18. At the age of 20 I was taken off my medication after an EEG showed negative for any sign of epilepsy. Lately I have had trouble remembering and with concentration at work especially. For the past year or so I have been dizzy and tire out very easily. If i squat down I have to hold onto something or I will fall over. I have not had any seizures since age 18, but I am now concerned about them starting back up again. Anyone know of this happening. Thanks.

Choosing a Summer Camp

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Tell us about how you chose a summer camp for your child. What were the best aspects of the camp experience? What are things to watch out for? Also, parents, if you are curious about camps but have never sent your child, feel free to post a question here to which other community members may respond.

Hi. My 3 yr old was recently dxed with epilepsy

Submitted by web-site-admin on Fri, 11/05/2004 - 06:22

He had a febrile seizure last year and what I felt at the time were 'mini seizures' for a few weeks afterwards - no one else noticed them and they went away so I thought it was just me!

In May, just a couple of weeks after his 3rd birthday, he had an unexplained fall at preschool.  Then he had one at home - both seemed strange, but they were so quick that no one was really sure what they saw.  Then he had a definite drop seizure when my husband was helping him get dressed.  So we went to the Dr.

6 year old daughter with Post-Encephalitis Seizures

Submitted by web-site-admin on Thu, 11/04/2004 - 21:32

My daughter had encephalitis in February 2003, and has had hard to control seizures since then.  She was in the hospital for two weeks, she was home for two weeks and then went back in for an entire month due to Dilantin drug fever and seizures.  We were finally able to go home when when she went for 48 hours without a seizure.  We have been through all the medications, she has been on combinations, usually on three at once, now she's on Trileptal, Depakote and we just started Lamictal about 2 months ago.  She has been hospitalized (ER visits, EEG monitoring) several times because of the se

Help needed for studying

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I am a grandmother of 56 who has just returned to studying after a lapse of 38 years. I am studying online with the USA and as part of a research assignment I have been asked to join a newsgroup in order to get feedback. Unfortunately my computer crashed and I've only got it repaired so I need a response urgently as my assignment has to be in by Sunday the lastest.

return of seizures

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I an a 48 y/o female that was diagnosed with JME at age 10. I've been off meds/seizure free for over 25 yrs. My med back then was phenobarbital. Last month I had a grand mal seizure (not sure if they are still called that or not). Dr prescribed Lamictal...developed rash...now he wants me to try Depakote. The weight gain/hair loss is really an issue for me b/c I'm not having any of the jerking motions I had for all those yrs ....only this recent seizure. I am new to this board so I was needing some help finding info on Depakote. Thanks for any info you can give me...
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