Trying to find someone like me

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Hi, my name's Patrícia Santos. I'm 18, I'm portuguese and I have epilepsy ever since I can remember. The problem is that my kind of epilepsy is very weird and my doctors don't know what to do with me.

I haven't had any seizures  for quite some time. I take Keppra and it has really helped me, so the seizures are not a real problem for me now.

Pregnant whilst on multiple AED's (Tegretol, Keppra, Toprimite)

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Hi, has anyone got/ been pregnant whilst on multiple meds? I take 2000 keppra, 1100 tegretol and 350 toprimite daily plus and a 5mg folic acid. I have researched the medication I'm currently taking and have found tegretol to be the unsafest to be taking whilst pregnant. I'd like to know if anyone has been pregnant whilst on tegretol or whilst taking multiple AED's as my specialist wants me to stay on my meds whilst trying to conceive. Thanks in advance!

Need advice - does it sound like I'm having seizures?

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This is the third occurrence of this phenomenon that I can't describe as anything other than a simple partial seizure. The first occurred about 8 months ago, the second two months ago, and the third yesterday. Yesterday's occurrence began with me feeling very fatigued and foggy. I laid down to take a nap and felt I slipped into a weird unconscious-like state, almost as if I was in a deep sleep. I was still aware of what was happening though, and I think I was hearing things that weren't there. With my eyes closed, my vision was whitish pink.

Have you felt a seizure like this?

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Hello all - I am new here to ask about something. My boyfriend is 22 yo male with a family history of seizures (mother is on medication for grand mal) and has been seeking treatment for severe sleep apnea. He has a BMI around 20 and does not drink or smoke and is on no medication. Recently, he began attending grad school and does not have health insurance except through his parents. Here is where it gets tricky - a month ago he was with me and had what I thought was a seizure. I walked into the room and he was just standing starting at the wall and was shaking, almost trembling.

I might have had a seizure last night

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I woke up with the side of my face covered in saliva, had a headache the fell back to sleep and slept till noon. I wanna mention it to my mother but she probably would say no it was nothing because she didn't hear anything. I wish I could find a support group in Trinidad but so far nothing :-/

still have that killer headache btw -__-

Possibly have epilepsy

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I first noticed a major issue in 2007 when I was in work, I spent about 10mins wandering around the office floor, having no clue where I was or who anyone was. From there incidents would happen, where I could be sat watching TV and I'd look at the remote and the people around me and be unable to register who or what they were. These incidents would happen every few months and as I was being treated for depression for years it was linked with that.

Coming to grips with my diagnosis.

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As I sit here this morning, looking outside, I thought it would be nice to take a walk in the woods with my dogs. Other days I remember my life as a truck driver. I keep myself pretty busy, but the knowledge of what Epilepsy and seizures have taken away from my life has been hard. My driving career is over along with driving my personal car. My independence is gone.The depression that had left me a mess before I was diagnosed, drove people away from me, and people said I was completely different person. I stopped taking my medications regularly, thinking they were the cause of my problems.
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