is this a sz?

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I was windering is this episdode is a sz.

About a weeks ago I could not find nmy bed room.  My husband was out of town and my 17 yr old daughter was also at a friends house in northern O'ahu.  Ao I was alone.

Psychic-Type Epilepsy?

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Hi Community,

I just responded to another person's question with my story, but I decided to reach a larger group by posting myself.

I had a major gran mal a little more than a year ago. I thought it was my first, though I was 45 then. After many discussions with my wonder Mayo Clinic doctors, 2 EEG studies, and 2 MRIs, it is confirmed that I have had epilepsy all my life. One side of my hippocampus is shruken and scarred. Mesial Temporal Scelrosis, I believe it's called.

Come Together

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I work I call center for Verizon Wireless. I received a call from a gentleman whose phone wasn't working and he needed to keep entertained during his hospital stay. We're supposed to connect with our customers and being less business minded and more conversational is something my boss and I are trying to work on, so I decided that I would connect with this person by letting him know I understand where he's coming from because I've had my fair share of hospital visits due to my epilepsy.

Deja Vu Aura Seizure and Tonic Clonic Causes??

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Hello.  I've posted before.  You all have been very helpful.  After my last set of deja vu aura seizures and grand mal seizure my neuro was unable to find anything on EEG.  I went for two months without any brain abnormalities.  This Sunday I had a few deja vu aura's and then a grand mal.  I've never been diagnosed with epilepsy.  No tests have every shown anything and it wasn't until the doctor saw me have a second grand mal in the ER that my neuro prescribed Keppra.  500mg day and night.  Ive been on in since monday.  I had a deja vu aura a few hours ago.  I'll be talking to my neuro in


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I am new on this site so i dont really know what to do..I have seizures at night when im sleeping. My leg always gives out when im asleep and it wakes me up then i go into a seizure. does anyone els have this problem.

Help test a survey for epilepsy self-management

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Ever wonder what it takes to manage your epilepsy? For people with easy to control seizures, taking medicines may be the main part of your seizure management. But for others, treatment can be more complex and seizures may affect many aspects of your life. The Managing Epilepsy Well Network is conducting a survey to understand how adults manage their epilepsy. The information obtained from this survey will help researchers find better ways to assess how someone with epilepsy manages their condition.

Possible complex partial seizures effecting sense of self?

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A question for everyone on this board: Does anyone's seizures effect their sense of self? I have not been diagnosed with epilepsy but my psychiatrist has referred to me to a neurologist to be assessed. He thinks I may be having complex partial seizures. On and off for the last ten years I have had episodes where I will suddenly feel a strange feeling in my stomach and I chill/shiver throughout my body and I will suddenly feel a huge wave of fear and confusion roll over.

Test a new epilepsy tool!

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Hi everyone, A new tool called a widget has been developed by people from many different epilepsy groups. The widget is called My Seizures, Know More. We are testing it for a few days to see how it works. It's all voluntary, no personal info or emails are collected. If you are interested, follow this link - Thanks in advance! Epihelp

Possible seizure?

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Today I was watching my 5 year old daughter read a book to herself. I decided to record it because it was really cute. Almost halfway through the video, you will see where she stops what she is doing and stares straight ahead. It lasts probably 3-4 seconds and then she goes back to doing what she was doing. It totally caught me by surprise. Our 7 year old son has absence epilepsy...diagnosed at age 4. So, a random person may not have noticed it but it totally caught my attention as I have seen that stare many times before.
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