Driven To Spread Awareness

Gabby is sharing her journey with epilepsy and how she is driven to spread awareness

By Gabby Vasquez

Person with Epilepsy

I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2015 after experiencing a second seizure in my college dorm room. The fear and confusion from being unable to remember familiar friends and family around me really affected me and made me realize the severity of what was happening to me.  

My journey with epilepsy has been difficult. Experiencing the consequences of my disability has been a constant, silent struggle in my life. Seizures and the issues stemming from them have taken a long time for me to deal with. In all honesty, it’s something I am still working on accepting as my epilepsy has developed and changed over the years.  

I am immensely grateful that my seizures are mostly controlled with the help of anti-seizure medication. I know that it is not always the case for everyone with epilepsy. Everyone has their own unique experiences with this disability. As I learn more about myself and the experiences of others, I am driven to spread awareness. 

I recognize the importance of educating people about how to respond to seizures and how debilitating it can be to live with epilepsy. I spread awareness by first discussing my experiences with friends and family and now by sharing my story with even more people. 

For many years I thought that sharing my struggles with others would change how they viewed me. However, I have learned that the presence and understanding of those around you can be the most valuable support because epilepsy is not talked about enough.  

If sharing my journey can help others heal and have more grace for themselves, I am happy to talk about my journey and constantly changing relationship with epilepsy. 

Reviewed By: Sara Wyen

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