Find an Epilepsy Specialist

Gaining control of your seizures takes specialized care. Find a doctor who can help diagnose and treat your seizures effectively.

For some people, seizures may be easy to diagnose and control. In that case, primary care doctors can help with the initial diagnosis. However, you should seek out specialized care. You’ll want work with an epileptologist—a neurologist who focuses on epilepsy treatment. These doctors can help if your seizures are difficult to diagnose or do not respond to standard therapy. They often work in hospitals, group or private practices, or specialized epilepsy centers.

The Epilepsy Foundation is working together with the American Epilepsy Society (AES) to give you a searchable database of epileptologists and doctors who specialize in epilepsy. The database will allow you to search for doctors by name, location, or specialty.

Note: This list includes all active members of the American Epilepsy Society, which includes health care professionals who are in clinical practice and have agreed to share their information, as well as other non-health care professionals interested in the field of epilepsy. However, this database in not inclusive of all epileptologists or specialists.

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