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From nationwide volunteer events to spreading awareness in your local community, there are many ways to get involved with the Epilepsy Foundation. Every day, our volunteers work toward a common goal of improving the lives of people with epilepsy and seizures.

For more than 50 years, volunteers from across the country have worked with us to help people in the epilepsy community. Our volunteers make an impact both nationally and locally, including:

  • Spreading epilepsy awareness in their communities
  • Advocating for federal and state initiatives that impact everyone living with the epilepsies
  • Educating others about epilepsy and inspiring more people to take action together to fight epilepsy
  • Organizing fundraising events that expand our reach to the thousands of people with epilepsy who need help

We rely on people like you to continue the fight against epilepsy. Explore the different ways you can get involved and volunteer in the epilepsy community.

Volunteer Orientation

The Volunteer Orientation educates volunteers about Epilepsy Foundation and introduces different ways interested volunteers can support the Epilepsy Foundation’s mission across the nation.

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National Volunteering Opportunities

You can support nationwide advocacy, research, awareness, fundraising, and education initiatives. Join the next New Volunteer Orientation to get an overview of opportunities.

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Every effort and dollar raised makes an impact for the epilepsy community. Whether you are hosting a backyard barbecue or climbing Mt. Everest, your efforts can make a difference for those living with epilepsy.

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Spreading Awareness

We want our world to be more aware of epilepsy. Spreading awareness can promote seizure first aid and put an end to negative stigmas. Help us spread the word and empower people with epilepsy to live safer and happier lives.

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Our Advocacy Efforts and Priorities

Help raise awareness about the issues affecting the epilepsy community.


Become an Awareness Ambassador

Join our ambassador program and spread epilepsy awareness throughout your community.


#ShareMySeizure Initiative

A seizure education and awareness project in partnership with the CDC.

Walk to End Epilepsy

A family-friendly community event to support people and families living with epilepsy.


Teens Speak Up! Public Policy Institute

Teens can visit Washington D.C. to receive advocacy training and talk to lawmakers.


Become an Epilepsy Advisory Champion

Build relationships with policymakers to bring awareness to the challenges of epilepsy.


Spreading Awareness - Nina’s eJourney

“I work to create a firm foundation in society that supports fundamental human rights and equal opportunities for everyone with epilepsy so they can live a dignified and highly impactful life.”

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Connect With Your Local Epilepsy Foundation

Many of our volunteering programs are organized through your local community. Members of your local Epilepsy Foundation can help you find ways to get involved.