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Find resources for managing your epilepsy and teaching others about epilepsy. Download toolkits, print out school forms, or explore other educational materials.

Seizure Medication List

Each seizure medicine works differently based on seizure type and medical history. Find in-depth information on different epilepsy medications so you and your healthcare team can choose the right one.

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Tools & Forms

We’ve created toolkits and additional resources to help you learn and share information about epilepsy. Browse school forms, seizure calendars, treatment factsheets, books about epilepsy, and more.

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Epilepsy Device Wiki

The Device Wiki is a searchable catalog of devices and apps developed for epilepsy. You can learn about several devices and how they can be used to manage your epilepsy.

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Epilepsy Pipeline Tracker

Part of our mission is to accelerate new therapies for people living with epilepsy and seizures. The Epilepsy Pipeline Tracker is a community-supported tool that provides updates on new drugs, supplements, devices, and tools.

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Find an Epilepsy Specialist

Find a doctor who can help you diagnose and treat your seizures effectively.


Find an Epilepsy Center

Epilepsy centers have experts in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of epilepsy.


Call the 24/7 Epilepsy Helpline

Call 1-800-332-1000 to speak with an information specialist or submit a question online.


Find Your Local Epilepsy Foundation

Your local Epilepsy Foundation can help you connect with your community and find support.


Connect on Social Media

Our social channels keep you up to date on our programs, services, and events.


Explore Epilepsy News & Stories

Explore news and stories about the latest epilepsy research and innovations.


Making a Difference – Chase’s Epilepsy Story

Chase was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after his 3rd birthday when he started complaining of his face "tingling". Years later after many different medicines and a VNS implant, he is doing much better and educating his community about epilepsy.

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