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People with epilepsy shouldn’t have to face discrimination. The Epilepsy Foundation's Jeanne A. Carpenter Epilepsy Legal Defense Fund fights epilepsy discrimination across all aspects of your life. 

We established the Jeanne A. Carpenter Epilepsy Legal Defense Fund to help people with epilepsy get the legal help they need. Our goal is to end epilepsy-related discrimination through public education and access to legal services. The fund has several priorities, including:

  • Employment laws
  • School and education (Disabilities Education Act)
  • Public accommodations (camps, childcare facilities, stores, hotels, theaters, fitness clubs)
  • Programs and services (police and first responder training)
  • Housing
  • Health insurance
  • Criminal justice concerns

For general legal questions, email [email protected].

Find Legal Help

We can help you find a lawyer who can handle epilepsy discrimination issues. Our referral lawyers agree to provide an initial consult and services up to three hours at no cost to you.

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Epilepsy and Your Legal Rights

Do you have questions about your rights? Our fact sheets and advocacy materials can help you learn about the legal rights of people with epilepsy.

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Join Our Attorney Network

We welcome attorneys in all practice areas of the law who are committed to ending discrimination against people with epilepsy. Consider joining our network to provide consultations and service to people with epilepsy and their families.

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Resources for Attorneys

We have a sample of cases that you can use in your work advocating for people with epilepsy. Reviewing these cases can help you understand the current legal landscape within the epilepsy community.

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About the Jeanne A. Carpenter Fund

Jeanne Carpenter was an attorney and a tireless advocate for people with epilepsy. She was the first person with epilepsy to serve as chair of the Epilepsy Foundation’s board of directors. Her legacy lives on as we continue her fight to support people with epilepsy.

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Help Fund Our Legal Efforts

Generous donors are the ones that make our legal defense fund possible. Giving to the Epilepsy Foundation means you make the world a safer place for the 3.4 million people in the U.S. who are living with epilepsy and seizures.