Next Generation Scientists



People with epilepsy do not have enough specialty care in the United States.

We need to increase investment in our workforce to ensure the best and brightest are tackling the challenges our community faces.

"Over the past 10 years, more than $12 million went to support researchers in the early stages of their career throughout the U.S."

Many of today’s educators, senior investigators, and thought leaders for epilepsy were supported in their early careers with financial assistance from the Epilepsy Foundation.

"I was so excited to be awarded the William Gowers Research Fellowship Award from the Epilepsy Foundation. This award catalyzed me to develop my first research project and to frame specific aims and hypothesis driven research. The award, coupled with amazing mentoring by David Treiman and Professor Tomiyasu, instilled in me an urgent desire to pursue a career in epilepsy research. I am so grateful to the Epilepsy Foundation for this award and for all their support through the years! — Christopher M. DeGiorgio MD, FAAN, professor and vice chairman, UCLA Department of Neurology, block chair, UCLA Medical Sciences I course chief of neurology, Olive View-UCLA Medical Center."

Interested in supporting the next generation of researchers?>

Consider the Kevin's Fellow Program which raises money for young investigators.

Please contact us at 301.918.3753 or email to learn more.

Authored By:

Sonya Dumanis PhD

Reviewed By:

Jacqueline French MD


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