Find an Epilepsy Center

If you have trouble controlling your seizures, find an epilepsy center and get the specialized care you need. Epilepsy centers have experts in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of epilepsy.

If you don’t know what type of seizures you have or you have trouble controlling your seizures, we recommend finding an epilepsy center. Epilepsy centers provide you with a team of specialists to help you diagnose your epilepsy and explore treatment options. Their goal is to get you the best seizure control possible. Treatments may include medications, surgery, devices, and dietary therapy

Your team will have experts from many backgrounds, which may include: epileptologists (seizure experts), neurosurgeons, social workers, nutritionists, and EEG technologists. Having such a well-rounded team means they can help you create holistic approach to your treatment.

The National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC) supports strong specialized epilepsy centers. NAEC’s search tool can help you find an epilepsy center in your area or state.

Note: NAEC provides accreditation of centers that offer medical and surgical epilepsy care. More information about epilepsy centers and NAEC’s standards is available on NAEC’s website.

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