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Topic: Corner Booth

After effects and such

10/2018 | 1 Comments

I'm 36 and had my first grand mal at the beginning of Sept. I had a cold and took tylenol cold and flu and had the aide effect of sleep deprivation. I...
Having an issue I could use help with

03/2018 | 2 Comments

Ok, I'm new here. I'm pretty scared right now with something I'm experiencing and am looking for feedback. I'm 40. I've had seizures since I was 16...
Vision thru negative strip

06/2016 | 2 Comments

Had a seizure overnight I guess cause when I woke up I was fuzzyheaded but also when I looked across the room it was as if I were looking thru a black...

03/2015 | 0 Comments

This past week I've been getting bad convulsions where I'll get shaky and my whole upper body feels like it's electrocuted. This morning I woke up...
epilepsy Art Project

04/2014 | 7 Comments

Hi All I am 22 years old and just recently had my first grand maul in 14 years. I thought I was grown out of my epilepsy but it has made a...

10/2013 | 12 Comments

Do you drive?
'M*A*S*H' star Harry Morgan dies at 96

12/2011 | 2 Comments

I know Harry Morgan's acting role on M*A*S*H was of a Commanding Officer - Colonel Sherman T. Potter. In real life, I was an enlisted man, honorably...
Bill O'Reilly epilepsy comments

12/2010 | 1 Comments

I've been on the road lately so haven't watched much TV. I read on the web that O'Reilly made some comments that were rather offensive to those of us...
pseudo seizeures

08/2010 | 1 Comments

hey has anyone else feel like they have been just taged with having psuedo seizures just because their doc dont know whats going on
Sugar Addiction

06/2010 | 3 Comments

Do you think that it's possible to be addicted to sugar? In this segment on ABC News Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum talks about his new book " Beat Sugar...
access 2 chat

05/2010 | 2 Comments

Windows will not let me access the chatroom because of active X and blocks this. How do i get around this. I use Vista.
Epi_Chat Takes Over The World

04/2010 | 1 Comments

So, we are all having fun & think with just a few rules we can take over the world & make it a better place. Based on tonight's chat, here ya go! #1 -...
Just for Laughs

02/2010 | 1 Comments

Frostie Dancing To Shake Your Tail Feather! If you've got speakers on your computer, then turn them on, and watch the video at...
Insensitive ad

10/2009 | 2 Comments

I'm so disgusted with a new members responce to another members blog. This new member "johnq" started out with a good wish to one of our members going...
Baby Katie

06/2009 | 3 Comments

My Katie, at 3 days old Kirsty

03/2009 | 6 Comments

Barbie Doll, your family is in my prayers. For anyone that doesn't know and is reading this. Barbie's darling daughter Jessica (who happily is...
Any Latvians here?

02/2009 | 2 Comments

Hi, is there anyone else here of Latvian descent? I'd like to meet you, could you PM please? Kay x

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