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An Insight to long term epilepsy striken mind

Tue, 05/26/2020 - 10:37
Hi, I didn't really know how to share this with anyone, so I found a way to remain anonymous and share my story. So I decided to write it into a "book." if an admin could read it and share it with the proper group, i believe it might provide some important information regarding the mind state of a long term epilepsy patient. The book is up on Amazon and called Numb & confused. I wrote it in hopes it might save a life. Sorry its not free. But It doesn't allow to publish for free. But one person can buy it and share it with everyone.


I can also share it page by

Submitted by on Tue, 2020-05-26 - 10:43
I can also share it page by page or preferably the whole book if anyone knows a way to. 

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