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Aura during sleep

Thu, 04/09/2020 - 05:17
Hi guys. My name is Andriani , 32 years old, had a brain surgery 4 years ago for removal of a tumor. I wanted to ask if someone experienced something similar to this: Last night I had a dream of fainting while simultaneously my right side (its the side I had the surgery) of the body (from head to toe) felt numb and I experienced also the feeling of fear and loud buzzing approaching in my right side of head. I woke up after a few seconds or maybe a minute. I experienced this once more months ago. In general I occassionaly have seconds of lightheadedness, nausea and moments of depression and fatigue, throughout a day or two. I have annual brain scans, never been told I have epilepsy or the word "seizures" and take no medication. Can I have your comments on all the above? Especially the part related to the dream and numbness.


Hi, Thank you for posting, we

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2020-04-09 - 09:52
Hi, Thank you for posting, we understand this must have been scary & upsetting for you to experience. We cannot determine what is contributing to these dreams you describe experiencing. If you notice that you’re having issues with your sleep and the dreams continue to occur, or experience any changes in symptoms, moods, behaviors, it’s important that you’re addressing this with your healthcare team. Many clinics and offices are now offering telemedicine options for non-emergencies, if you’re unable to see your doctor in person currently. You may want to call your doctor and see if you can schedule a time to talk via phone/ other telemedicine resources you can utilize to discuss this further, or if they can make any additional recommendations. You may also want to consider keeping a journal or a diary to document these dreams you’ve experienced in detail, (like you’ve done in your post) and  how you’re feeling, which will be very helpful to review with your doctor. My Seizure Diary can be used to organize health issues, manage medications, record side effects, other therapies or personal experiences and more which can be shared with members of your healthcare team. . Additionally, you may always contact our 24/7 Helpline, where trained information specialists are available to answer your questions, offer help, hope, support, guidance, and access to national and local resources. 1-800-332-1000,  

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