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lip-smacking, Deja Vu, fear episodes

Fri, 06/19/2020 - 11:13
Hi all, I have noticed that my wife (30 years old) makes lip-smacking sound often when she is asleep with rare jerks, sometimes she wakes up screaming and feeling very lost for 10 -15 seconds either because of a dream or unable to explain what happened (forgetting about the whole thing the next day). Also, she does mention very often experiencing a deja vu. Finally, sometimes during the day, out of no-where, she starts crying and feeling very afraid (similar to a panic attack) without being able to explain even why she is crying or what she is thinking of. We are very close to each other and it is very hard that she is hiding anything from me. These symptoms do not happen all at the same time. These are just different things that happen every now and then individually. I have read online (while reading about my own adult absence Epilepsy) that there is something called focal partial seizures that do cause fear, deja vu, lip-smacking, but not sure how these happen and if they do fit my wife's case or if they are even a seizure or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks, George

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