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Any other wife in the same situation have any tools i can use?

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 10:20
My husband has had siezures all his life that would come and go. When we first got together he never told me because he never recieved any diagnoses. Theyve started to come back about a year ago. He has partical focal onset siezures and latley has been having grand mal siezures. The first time he had one was at 4 in the morning almost a year ago. I had woken him up because i was having a panic attack in my sleep and he went completly belistic on me. This of course sent me into a fit of histaria and i had no idea what i had done wrong to make him act so mean. I also had no idea what was going on with him. He has one about 1 every 2 weeks. If he has them white were fighting he get very voilent physically, mentally, and sexually. He has called me all sorts of horrible names, slapped me, choked me to the point i see black, tried to suffocate me, busted my lip a few times, pinned me down and had sex with me while i begged him not to. Hes much bigger than i am so fighting back is very hard and also seems to make it worse. He wakes up the next day not having any memory of it but says he knows something bad happened. When i tell him what hes done he sobs and aplogises exscesivly. I know its the siezures. When hes not having one hes very kind and gental. I love my husband and i know he cant control it. I guess im just looking for anything i can say or do during these types of sizures that will help not just for me but for him to. He doesnt deserve to live in constand gult for something he has no control over. And im looking for a way to stop the abuse.


What kind of medication is he

Submitted by birdman on Fri, 2018-07-20 - 20:24
What kind of medication is he taking?  Do his violent reactions change with changes in medication?  It may well be part of his epilepsy and probably comes from the right temporal lobe / amygdala which is the emotional part of the brain.  But I have increased aggression when I take more medication that works to control my seizures.  I'm hoping one day soon to qualify for treatment using Responsive Nerve Stimulation which will hopefully not only control the seizures but may have an effect on the other problems of excess brainwave activity can cause.  I hope you can talk to an epilepsy specialist about the problems your husband and you face.  Ask doc about alternative therapies for seizures.  I can't get any worse than this.

What is Responsive Nerve

Submitted by dkb547 on Mon, 2019-06-24 - 18:55
What is Responsive Nerve Stimulation about and can I ask my doctor about it?

Responsive Nerve Stimulation

Submitted by birdman on Mon, 2019-06-24 - 20:38
Responsive Nerve Stimulation or RNS is a treatment for seizures which uses a device implanted under the scalp tied to wire leads implanted at seizure focus.  It was FDA approved in 2013.  The device acts as an EEG monitoring the site or sites where the seizures come from.  When it detects abnormal activity it records it and sends a tiny electrical stimulation to interrupt the seizure.  I just had mine implanted a few weeks ago.  last week I was to my epileptologist who found I was having more seizures than I knew about.  I'm confident that it will not only provide me with improved seizure control, but answers to some sensations and seizures that we've not known about for decades.Of course you can ask your doctor about RNS.  Just be prepared that to qualify for the treatment doc will probably suggest that your seizures need to be uncontrolled by drugs.  And hopefully they can be "localized" or found to be coming from no more than two places in your brain.  Whether or not you think you are qualified please do ask your doctor about it.  It is a kind way of saying you are searching for alternatives and want to know your options.You can also learn more by visiting the site neuropace.comMike

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