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New symptom/seizure

Mon, 04/29/2019 - 06:25
I was diagnosed with migraines and epilepsy at 26 after a grand mal seizure. (However after diagnosis we realized I had absence seizures since I was a small child just didn’t realize that’s what is was) My epilepsy was controlled well with Topimirate for 5+ years, however in January my doctor switched me to Keppra as I would eventually like to have a baby. Everything had gone well for over 3 months until yesterday. I woke up feeling extreme vertigo and nausea ( eventually vomiting several times) my husband left for 30 min to get lunch and money from ATM. When he came back I was extremely lethargic and unable to keep my eyes open. At that point my face and upper lip was really swollen and my entire right side of my face felt tingly and numb. He took me to urgent care, by the time we got in there, they had to put me in a wheelchair because I felt so weak and dizzy and couldn’t maintain my balance. My right arm and leg began to feel weak and tingly. I could hear the doctor speaking the whole time but had a hard time answering so my husband did most of the talking. He stated I had a sinus and double ear infection and that he thought I was post ictal. He said he had heard of a syndrome when you have a severe sinus infection that causes a seizure but he couldn’t remember the name. He had my husband take me to the ER for neurological work up just in case because I displayed symptoms of a stroke. They did a CT scan, blood work and urinalysis which all came back clear. After about 3 hrs i felt less lethargic and was able to walk with my husbands assistance out of the ER and back home where I slept for another 3 hrs. I now feel like I normally do after a grand mal seizure ( tired, somewhat dizzy and nauseated) but mostly back to normal. No one witnessed my seizure and I obviously don’t remember it happening. Has anyone else had this happen before or something similar?

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