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Was my first seizure in 2007?

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 12:37
I was going through my very detailed, had to put everything in it journal, and I'm glad I did because I don't remember much of the years between 2007-2011 when I finally got put on seizure medications. And I found this in there. Does this sound like a seizure? Please, please forgive my nineteen year old self for her grammar mistakes. She is eternally sorry. I was being treated for my bulimia at this point and I was in a day program. "I really couldn't even explain to people what was wrong with me. I just kept spacing out. And people were talking to me and i couldn't stop spacing out and i would stare at something for like ever until someone had to say my name and i would say to myself "you have to stop staring" but i couldn't bring my eyes off that subject, no matter how hard i tried. And I wanted to eat so badly but i couldn't remember if i had eaten my sandwich or not, and jenn kept telling me to stop repeating myself, but i didn't think i was repeating myself. And so then i said to ashley the nutritionist who stays with us during meals " i feel funny", and tried to explain to her why except people said i was jabbering, so she went and got carrie, my therapist and asked me to explain to her except i completely blanked out and couldn't concentrate. It was so odd. So they take me over to medical and all the sudden things in my eyesight start having tracks and my heart starts beating really fast and im getting really dizzy. And i go into the room and dr. L comes in and takes my pulse "well her pulse is high", and the first question out of his mouth is "did you take diet pills?!" wtf? and then when i say no he says "did you take anything else other then prescribed?" i was like wow we have a trusting relationship don't we... because i wouldn't tell you that right away. and then he says "probably a panic attack". And inside my head I kept thinking "I've had a panic attack, this is not a panic attack" but i couldn't fight with him, because i was just so out of it. So I seriously really have no idea what happened the rest of the day, it was just me being high slumped over in my chair and then dinner was a big hangover. It was awful. I got to sleep the last group because they were worried about me driving home."

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