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Intense fear right after coming out of a grand mal seizure

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 23:13
After a tonic clonic seizure I feel terrified, like the worst panic attack you could imagine, it starts as soon as I come out of it, the first thing that is clear to me is that I'm terrified, I don't know my name, my husbands name, I don't remember the day earlier, eventually it comes back, but the feeling after my seizure scares me more than the seizure itself. My husband says I mumble gibberish, and then comes the terrified stage, I usually say help me, or tell my hubby how scared I am, I have a strong feeling of impending doom, it goes away in 5-10 minutes, does anyone else experience this?


This is very normal me, 

Submitted by TonyM on Wed, 2018-11-07 - 15:40
This is very normal me,  sometimes i have no memory at all and sometimes i even become extremely angry, I scream at everyone as loud as i can and a couple times was strapped to the hospital bed by the police.  there was also a point in my life where it tok months to get my memory back, friends and amily would tell me something about me that i didnt remember every day.  Its like they have to remind me who i am.

This is word for word exactly

Submitted by Rachel S on Thu, 2020-03-12 - 00:47
This is word for word exactly what I experience after every grand mal. Even the, “Help me...” and “I’m so scared” parts. My husband has videos of me saying those over and over. For a minute I wasn’t sure that I didn’t write this and forgot about it. The only thing I might say is different is that the intense terror part lasts for at least an hour or more, depending on how bad the seizure was. Any movie I watch too soon after the seizure becomes tainted by the trauma (for lack of a better description), and I can barely stand to watch it ever again.

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