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A poem about coping with seizure anxiety

How to Fear, How to Live

Plato said courage is knowing what not to fear.
I think courage is knowing how to fear.
How to fear but smile.
How to fear but work.
How to fear but play.
How to fear but live life, and live it so well that sometimes you forget that you fear.
To love life so much that it is worth relishing every moment of it, despite the fear, and to keep living it so deeply that the fear slides to the shadows at the end of your day and avoids the brilliant sun that is your undying determination.

But sometimes
At night
Or at work
Or even at play
You remember, and you begin to fear.
And it comes as a giant wave
So you take a deep breath
And in that breath you suck up all your fears, all you worries and troubles and sickness and debt and achiness and secrets and you suck it all into a giant breath that fills your whole body from the top of your head to the bottom of your soul.

And then you exhale.

And just like that, you are still alive,
And you have learned to live with fear.

"What's wrong?" they ask
"Oh, nothing" you reply.



Yes fully understandable. is

Yes fully understandable. is when I say I am "fine" :) the matter of learning adjust rather than maybe try to subdue or feelings with this can be a key for many. or maybe letting those new emotions help create a new you or us? let them ADD to what we have rather than find them in a negative way?  you are saying perfectly for you,meaning at least you are in understanding of how you feel or how it will affect another part of your life. . I feel fortunate somehow to have never "feared" this? that hurt me in some ways ,as I did not understand I was not tougher than this :( and had to fall real far to realize this.  we must learn to grow ,adapt . but thanks and well put , a great day to you. Rick wichita Ks. 

Thank you!

Thank you!

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