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Neurologist suggestions at Cleveland Clinic

My 10 yr old son has absence seizures and tonic clonic seizures along with CP. Our neurologist has referred us to Cleveland clinic for a more comprehensive exam. Has anyone ever worked with Dr. Prakash Kotagal? If so, what were your impressions of him. Does anyone have any other suggestions for doctors at Cleveland Clinic or feedback about the clinic? Any comments would be helpful. Thanks...


Re: Neurologist suggestions at Cleveland Clinic

I don't live anywhere near Cleveland. I would suggest you go to the top of this page and use the find a doctor space. It beings up doctors in areas near  you. I live in Dallas ans have checked my area and my neuro is located in Find A Doctor. But then I have been with the same group of neuros since 1970. You can also use bing or google nd bring him up. I did that and he is one of the best from what I read. He does specialize in epilepsy.

I hope this helps and you get with a good neurologist that can help your son


Hi did you find out any info

Hi did you find out any info about the particular doctor? We are outside the US and planning to fly all the way there to the US, to meet this particular doctor. Can you please let me know regarding the particular neurologist?

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