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Depression-take it seriously !

Dear friends,

The untimely death of Robin Williams is so sad! He touched many of our lives in so many ways. He made us laugh, cry, think, and feel so many emotions through his art. 

His struggle with depression should remind us all how serious this is. Depression is not just feeling sad or down, though these can be symptoms of it if they last too long and affect our daily functioning. Changes in sleep, appetite, motivation sexual interest and other problems may be seen with depression

This is an important topic for all of us to pay attention to. Many people with epilepsy are at greater risk of having a mood disorder than people without epilepsy. The risk is higher in people in people with uncontrolled epilepsy. 

if you've been diagnosed with depression or any mood disorder or think you've been having these, please see a doctor. Help is available! 

If you are feeling unsafe in any way, please talk to a trusted person right away. Go to an emergency room, call a suicide prevention or Safety hotline. Don't stay alone or keep your feelings to yourself.

If you have a friend or family member who is depressed or feels unsafe, lend a hand. You can all make a difference! 

Thank you for being here for each other. And remember, the National office and all the Epilepsy Foundation affiliates are here for you too. 

My thoughts are with Robin Williams' family and all whose lives have been affected by depression. 


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