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Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends

Happy Thanksgiving. Giving thanks for all of you. Hope you stuffed yourself with turkey and all the trimmings and had a great family day.


Re: Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends

Thanks Nicki

We did not fix Turkey this year.

However we did have a good meal and did eat a lot

Pork roast that was coated with basil pesto before roasting

sweet potatoes

brussel sprouts

home made rolls

Oh and desert was Southern chocolate pecan pie. (you need to eat smaller pieces becuase it is sweeter and wellll different but sooooooooo good

Thanksgiving is traditionall an American holliday but everybody needs to give thanks. We all have had issues we have to deal with whether they are pealth issues or money matters. Jobs you name it and someone is dealing with it in one way or another.

Hope you had a great day


Re: Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends

I really would like the recipe to the pecan pie because that sounds good.

Re: Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends


We got the recipe on line but it has been used in the family for many years

Southern Chocolate-Pecan Pie    the one from Better Homes and Gardens

Oh and they call for dark and lignt corn syrup. We have used both but this time all we had was the light and it came out great. You will only need a sliver tho. About half a slice is about the right size. But back in the day we could scarf them down with no problem

Try it and do pass it around.

One of the next meals I will be making my orzo pasta salad but I will need to cut the recipe a few times I can make this salad and it goes with almost anything. I generally grill chicken chops ribs you name it and it will work

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