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Sleepwalking and seizures (med reccs)

Hello, 31 yo male here, currently on Depakote ER 1000mg 2x a day. My seizure pattern changed a few months ago, I'm having seizures in my sleep now, accompanied by sleepwalking episodes. Usually I'll just put on clothes or use the restroom before returning to bed. An recommendations for medicine? Is there something better for nocturnal seizures? I want some insight from the community before seeing my doc.


Please see an epilepsy

Please see an epilepsy specialist - these are neurologists with special training in epilepsy. Look at this list for epilepsy centers. - Anyone who continues to have seizures despite trying 2 medicines appropriate for their seizure type should be seen by an epilepsy specialist to consider other options or different medicines. - People with night time seizures should also see an epilepsy specialist as these carry more risks than seizures during the day.

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