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My life with epilepsy

First my story: (I saw that you can put your story somewhere but everyone can only read it, so I put it also here)

Since 2011 I had 4? big insults. My first was on holiday in Germany. I just want to walk with my mother. We where on a campsite, in a mobile/mobilehome whe hired. And then, I was feeling me realy, realy not good.

Mom! I yelled. My mother turns arround and grab me. What are you doing? And that was te moment that the light was going out. 10 ore 15 moments later I came by. Other people moved me on a little swimming pool, so i didn't ly on the wet grass and give me a blanket. Everything was looking on a brainbleeding ore something. When the light was going out, my body was shaking, my eyes rolling, I bit on my tongue, and then I didn't move but lay still there on the ground. The ambulance took me to the local hospital, but the fools didn;t now it was an epileptic insult.
The poked me everywhere, give me an infusion with moisture (I had pee'd for that night 4 times holyfuck!) and drive me to the intensive care. Strange was that the had Phone contact with a bigger hospital a few kilometers more but also that hospital didn't think an a epileptic insult. It was the most horrible night of my life. I didn;t now what happend, my brain was just exploded, I could'nt sleep because the infusion and the bloodpressorthing wat blows itselfs every hour and the enormous woman next to me who snored if she wants the hole wood arround the hospital go down. Never I was so happy to see my parents the next day... After a horrible ride to home the day after I was back on the campsite (Lucky was it the end of my holiday and not te beginning of my holiday) where we back in Netherland. The doctor here  asks two simple qouistions and knows directly: Epileptic/epilepsie...
And that was just the beginning of everything...
Weeks was I tired, confused and more tired.

I get an EEG and probably is a scar in my head wich I get when I was baby and born 3 months to early the cause.
After the first insult the didn't start with medication, beacause maybe was it just one insult and didn't get I more.

But in the first week of a new scoolyear I had my second insult. This time I stand in the bathroom, and my body didn't what I want. For a few minutes I turn my head only to one side. When I could walk I was going to my mother who was sleeping. Because the scar is in the area of my speak, was the only thing something about the computer, and my bike, ore something. My mother puts me on the seat and call a ambulance.

The doctor in the hospital starts with me with medication, but when dat not works (No idea what that was) sends me to a special centre. After a normal EEG did the make a EEG after 24 hours without sleep. But not with a lot of effect, I thought. Wel, after the second insult, I was realy tired, and with the first medication did I puke in the bus. (Rest of the people where realy happy so early in the morning... He... You can see what you eat this morning...)
But, with keppra/levetiracetam was everything going better.

The medication starts with a dosis of 250? gram in the morning and 250 in the evening, now I have 1000 in the morning and 2000 in the evening. When I have a lot of stress, I have than my funny mornings.

A strange, warm feeling by my stomache, what during a fewe minutes. I can't focus than.

Thats what I called stage 1. I have three stages:


1 Feeling strange, strange feeling by my stomache, confused

2 Feeling strange, confused, ca'nt focus on things like what time is it, not realy gonna talk, head moves to one side, well, just a little insult

3 Light is gonna out...


After the second insult it was during a lot before I get number 3. Number three was when I just awake.
I awake, my leg whas covered with blue spots, I was a little confuses, it was an half hour later then I had wake up and I was half dressed. My mum heared a loud blow, she said later.
Number 4... I think that was the one that my mum and the neighbour found me in the toilet...
And 5 whas I just a little confused. I have numer 3/5 not report, because I have driverslessons and I now the insults who I have are Always in the morning and have Always a reasson.
With the keppra the insults are not realy big no more. With a few minuts gets it better.

So, thats my story...
I didn't change my medication because this medication can with everything together. Now I can drink, drive and everything what I want. For new medication didn't I may have drive for a half year, and then you start again with habituate. So, the little insults, I didn;t say it to my doctor and live with it...


For now: Its gonna realy good right now.

But I had the idea when something is exiting, like a special day with a exithing thing like a trip to a museum (I have no work, so everything outside the house is exiting...) I dreamed realy strange and thats is just because of that my epilepsy rumbling




Re: My life with epilepsy

The hole moments feeling that strange feeling what make it anoying to concentrate on things -_-
Jea, over a week is it the thime of the month and my epilepsy loves hormones -_-

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