Christopher Presenting
Kids Making A Difference

Christopher's Story

Christopher was diagnosed with complex partial seizures when he was five. He is now 12-years-old and like many kids his age, loves Minecraft, Legos, and building things. His favorite sport is vaulting, which is like gymnastics on a horse.

When Christopher was first diagnosed with epilepsy, it took several years of different doctors, hospitalizations, and medications to get better control of his seizures. He used to have daily seizures but now only has a few per year. It has been a long road dealing with seizures and the effects they had on his school work. But he is happy to say that he has have been seizure free for several months and starting to get off some medication!

Christopher has always been open about his epilepsy and likes to educate everyone he meets. When asked why he likes to talk about it, he said, “So other kids know that I am just like them, but with a hiccup in my brain sometimes. I do not want them to be afraid of me.” He even had a brain bus and giant inflatable brain at his school to educate the students, teachers, and the district nurses. Everyone wore purple and received purple wrist bands.

Christopher At The State Capitol

When Christopher was a little younger, he was invited to the California State Capitol in Sacramento to talk to legislatures about allowing a special medicine called Diastat in schools. He met with senators, representatives, and companies that make medications. Christopher comments, “I had to wear a suit. It was scary at first and then a lot of fun because I got to talk to a lot of legislators and not many people get to do that.”

Every year, Christopher’s family has a purple party and they invite families who are new to epilepsy. They share information as well as enjoy games and yummy food. Christopher tells his new friends, “It’s alright, you are just like me, I know what you are going through, it got better for me and it will for you too.”

Christopher With Ribbon Tattoo

Christopher joined the Kids Crew over a month ago and is already making a difference. At the beginning of November, Christopher presented to his 6th grade class. He told them about Epilepsy and how it has affected him. He even wore his Kids Crew lanyard and name tag so others knew he is a proud member of the Crew. He admits that he had some butterflies in his stomach, though. “It was nerve-wracking, and fun. The kids clapped at the end and wanted to help so that made me feel good.” When Christopher was finished, he asked his class if they would be willing to lend a hand with an event on November 18th. His class said yes and that they were excited to help!

The class got to work making posters and hanging them around the school to promote the event. The day before Christopher’s event, he gave a quick presentation at an all school assembly. He told kids that if they brought in $1 the next day, they would not have to wear their school uniforms. They were also asked to wear purple.

Christopher Event Collection

Christopher and his classmates got to school very early on the 18th to collect money and hand out purple beads and purple ribbon tattoos. During the school day,they went to each class and gave a prize to the student with the most purple spirit. In the end, Christopher and his classmates raised $433! They decided that half of the money raised would go to the Epilepsy Foundation. The other half would be donated to a place called The Family House, a home away from home for families of kids being treated at a nearby hospital, that Christopher’s family stayed at while he was being treated. In addition to raising money, Christopher was able to educate kids about epilepsy and get them involved in an activity.

Christopher is an example of a Kids Crew member changing the world. He is already looking for new ways to spread awareness and to get more involved. He is using his story to help others and to create awareness. He believes it is important to give back to the community because, “I want all kids to be able to get treatments.”