Don’t Stop Being Yourself

Corina is sharing her eJourney about how epilepsy does not define the person that she is

By Corina Fields

Person with Epilepsy

I was diagnosed with generalized epilepsy in 2010 after having a seizure that caused me to fall back on a hot, uncovered pipe. I was hospitalized for three months with a 6-inch by 18-inch 4th-degree burn. It was a difficult struggle to overcome, but after many procedures, I was finally released and began trying many medications to control my seizures. I did not see results, however. I felt like giving up, but I didn't. 

Eventually, after more than 12 years of battling epilepsy, my seizures have calmed down, but they have not gone away. I have at least one a month now. This may sound like a disappointment, but it's not. For me, it is a victory! 

My illness doesn't define me. I was scared for some time, but epilepsy helped me to recognize who I am. I am strong, a survivor, a warrior, and smart, and none of that will ever change. I'm lucky to have such a wonderful community to help give me the hope and courage to let go and grow. I am talented, successful, and kind. That is who I am – not epilepsy.  

To anyone who feels discouraged, free your mind of all the negativity, insecurity, and feelings of not being enough. You are not your illness. You get to decide who you are, and just because you have seizures, don't let it stop you from seeing the sunshine, the happiness, and the love around you.  

Most of all, don't stop being yourself because you have an obstacle in your path. Jump over them and keep on traveling your path of strength. 

Reviewed By: Sara Wyen

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