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Epilepsy 101 at Epilepsy Foundation Ohio

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Epilepsy Foundation Ohio

This month, we shine a spotlight on Epilepsy Foundation Ohio (EFOH) and their Ohio Epilepsy Wellness Expo in Columbus, Ohio, on April 13, 2019. The event brought over 100 people with epilepsy and their families from around the state to learn about epilepsy, treatment and care, and wellness.

Information, Support, and Wellness

Over 126,000 people in Ohio live with active epilepsy. The EFOH team created the wellness event to provide epilepsy education and connection for this community.

“We wanted something to provide that education and be worthwhile for anyone in Ohio to make the drive to Columbus,” said Executive Director of Epilepsy Foundation Ohio Pamela M. Jacques MS, CPW, CHES. “It also offered us an opportunity to build connections with the 14 epilepsy treatment centers in the state.” 

The event had six speakers who presented on:

Dr. Andreas Alexopoulos from the Cleveland Clinic provided Epilepsy 101 information to a full room.

“Dr. Alexopoulos’ presentation was packed full of people who live with epilepsy and the effects of epilepsy every day,” said Director of Community Engagement Christine Corba. “There is always something more to learn, even for people living with epilepsy, because the topic is so complex.”

The expo also included hands-on wellness activities, including mindfulness meditation from Heartfulness Meditation Center. Interested attendees were guided through a mindfulness meditation exercises and learned about the benefits of mindfulness.

Finding Connection

Family attends Wellness Expo in Ohio

“Folks were really excited to be able to talk with other people who are experiencing what they are going through,” said Chris. “We had a 10-year-old boy who was there and had not met anyone with epilepsy before. He was excited to learn more and meet other folks so he could have a better understanding.”

The expo was full of people wanting to share their stories with plenty of comradery between families.

“People were excited to get temporary tattoos, get their photos taken, and pick up t-shirts,” said Chris.

It was almost like they were saying, ‘I need to tell the world that epilepsy is part of my life.’

Due to the popularity of the event, Epilepsy Foundation Ohio will offer another wellness event in Spring 2020.

Follow Up Educational Opportunities

The positive reception of the Epilepsy 101 presentation and the demand for more epilepsy information inspired Epilepsy Foundation Ohio to provide educational opportunities that will also be streamed on EFOH’s Facebook page. The first event in this series will be a presentation by Dr. Alexopoulos on epilepsy basics in Cleveland, Ohio. Find out how to register for the event. 

Sign up for EFOH’s newsletter to keep up to date on future educational offerings and the Spring 2020 Wellness Expo.

Programs and Services

Epilepsy Foundation Ohio provides a variety of programs and services, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s educational training programs. Learn about Ohio’s educational offerings and seizure trainings available in the state. 

Upcoming Events

Thank you to Epilepsy Foundation Ohio for hosting the Ohio Epilepsy Wellness Expo and providing epilepsy education throughout the state of Ohio!

Authored by: Epilepsy Foundation Communications on 9/2019

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