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Seizures or pseudoseizures

Sun, 06/14/2020 - 04:14
hello! i m not sure if i ve got epilepsy or maybe pseudoseizures. my seizures are strange... i m alaways aware before and after.. i ve got a feeling like fear before seizure is starting and the seizure is about 1 minute when i ve got lips smacking for 10 seconds and i cant answer i can t talk.. but i can see, i can hear, i can do what i was doing before...i had urine incontinence only once before i started my treatment ( i was working nights, so i stopped doing nights).. my treatment is also not working for 2 years.. i still got them even if i m taking keppra and tegretol..i took depakote before.. that s why i dont know is there are seizures or pseudoseizures, (cause there are a lot of reasons to have pseudoseizures also because i m feeling depressed and very anxious) . i might need a second opinion cause i wanna do a video eeg. Or i need to know if somebody else had those type of seizures...symptoms...cause i didnt find them anywhere...thanks


Also after 10 seconds of lips

Submitted by Ge0192 on Sun, 2020-06-14 - 04:18
Also after 10 seconds of lips smacking i can answer cause my boyfriend recorded me.. and he was asking me if i m all right and i said no.. i m not ok.. and then was keep asking me if i m ok.. and i was kind of confused... I was saying what? Why u asking me that,? So i was answering..but confused... Drinking some that s why i don t know if is a propre seizure or pseudoseizure... 

Hi Geenie,Thank you for

Submitted by birdman on Mon, 2020-06-15 - 21:49
Hi Geenie,Thank you for posting your legitimate concerns.  I've had seizures all my life and as a child I remember feeling foolish for sharing what I felt with my doctor because like you noted, they are so strange.  Fear is a common sensation.  As a child I almost panicked.  Today I had one and noticed a mild sense of fear / anxiety.  I also did lip smacking as a child.  I never remembered it, but mother always new it was a seizure when I had the lip smacking along with picking at my chest.  You're doing a good job at recording all the symptoms you experience.  Don't be shy about sharing this with a doctor.  I'm not a doctor, but they do not sound like pseudoseizures to me.Mike  

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