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1 Year Anniversary Date of Surgery Comming Soon!

Hello to all of you. I have been silent just reading posts most of the time. Yes it will be a year on 7-7-07!! What a set of numbers!! As of the date posted I will be seizure free for one year. I got a drivers lisence for the first time in my life in May of this year!! As many of you are asking as I read this form what is it like? Should I do this procedure? It is a life changing procedure!! Each of us are different as our brains are! I had a problems in my LTL. Through all my testing it was noted that the Dr. could remove 3cm of my LTL. When I had the surgery it was noted that the Dr. needed to remove 4cm to have a successful surgery. With the removal of a little more lobe one would have thought that I had had a stroke. I lost the ability to walk with most of the problem being in my lower right leg. This was followed by swelling of the leg and short term memory loss. It was like retraining myself to walk, talk and think. I spent 17 days in rehab learning to walk. Keeping my balance and speech. It took almost 10 months for my natural gate in my step to return. By my one year anniv. is here I won't look like I had botox on my forhead! Don't be surprised when you can't open your mouth more than a half an inch!! Yes if they are to go into the lobe area that is where a lot of the jaw movenent begins and ends. No one told me about that. I thought that I had lost some of my hearing, that was only blood that had drained into the canal. I just had to wait for it to work itself out. Hair cut!! I wound up cutting off all my hair! But guess what it is all back now a small price to pay. Many people talk of head pain. I have had none and still haven't had any headaches I could just keep on writing but won't. If you have questions just write me. Good Luck to all LOL Cheryl, in Oklahoma aka: Corgilady


Re: 1 Year Anniversary Date of Surgery Comming Soon!

Hi Cherly,

 Congratulation!  We share the same number 7-7-07 (July 7 at 7 a.m.), except I celebrated my second anniversary this year.  It's definitely worth celebrating.  We have gone through a lot and share a common bond!

 I had my entire left temporal lobe removed because the doctors say it has no functions at all (I have cerebral palsy, and functions that left temporal lobe was responsible for were transferred to other intact areas of the brain).  I have not lost any function and needed no rehab.  I was very fortunate.


God bless you,


JC (from Los Angele, California)

Re: 1 Year Anniversary Date of Surgery Comming Soon!

Congratulations Cheryl on your approaching 1 year anniversary. I had my one year anniversary in March this year,however unlike you I have not been able to get my drivers license yet as laws in Australia prevent me from driving whilst withdrawing from medication. As you said, it is a life altering procedure. I had 5cm of LTL removed and hippocampus. Yes the jaw is really sore after the operation,but after a few months it is normal again.
Good Luck

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