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After brain surgery

It's been about 4 months since I had surgery at the Mayo clinic. I had a second opinion after another hospital "denied" me , or told me not to get surgery, due to my speach and memory being on the same side of my brain as the lesion was at. (left temporal lobectomy, amygdalo hippocampus) Generally the epileptic reasons for the surgery went VERY well so far. What I feel like such a big baby about, is that I feel like a completely different person now. I feel "out of it" alot, but my high blood pressure seems to have gone. Reducing Zonisimide seems to have slighly helped with the "out of it feelings". I feel like I have no friends anymore with the excuse that I don't want to be around pot smoke anymore. I just broke up with my girlfriend yesterday because it seems like she just gives me s&*t when I forget the name of something, or it seems like she thinks I should be perfect now. Nobody understands (am I wrong??) that brain surgery takes time to heal.. It's been 4 months, and I just feel weird alot during the day. I'm trying to figure out if everything in my brain is just transferring to the right side or something. I'm wondering if relationship breakups are a really bad thing at the time. I'm also sick of sitting in the loud bar drinking pop, or else knowing that the ex-girlfriend I went out with for 4 years is at the bar, it makes me have these bad weird feelings (that last). Is this bad for the brain now? I'm trying to just forget about it all and say f&*%k it, tomorrow I have a job interview, and soon I can drive again.


Re: After brain surgery

I had a really hard time in the first months after surgery. I was not dealing well with anything and I was getting used to huge changes. It was hard on me and the people around me. I lost friends during that time. But I also became closer with ones who stuck with me. I hope things improve for you.

Re: After brain surgery

Hey Andred08- I had surgery 3 mons ago and the last time I saw my neuro before I could even tell him how I felt he asked if I was depressed! All I could think about at first was all the stuff I could go out and do now that it's 'over' and then it switched real quick to 'what the/how the hell havn't I done anything yet?' oh and my 26th birthday I think helped that along but still- I've been on antidepressants for about a month now and they've helped 'even' out my mood swings- the Doc agreed with me that it should NOT be a forever thing but maybe just somemthing to help me through this time of adjustment- I've also been thinkin about dumping my boyfriedn of 4 years that's lived with me for 3 and during the surgery as of late and everyone still thinks thats a bad idea but ya know what- he's a lazy bum and I've been lazy long enough! Time to go explore the world and do everything that I always wanted to do! Its not bad for your brain- ask your neuro- your brain may be adjusting to it's new hole hehe or you are just adjusting to your new life! You've made it this far- the best is yet to come :)

Dude i totally have the

Dude i totally have the feeling of all the great stuff I can now do now! and why havent I done it yet! (ever since the 3 month doc appt. after surgery). That 3 month after surgery appointment (2-day appt.) is when I started mostly feeling like I do now. Now my ex-g and I broke up and I feel so "out of it" It's just draining. I feel like i'll end up in a mental institute the way it feels sometimes; we broke up, she "messed around" with some dude 1.5 DAYS after breakup, now desperately wants to get back with me and doesn't understand what I'm talking about by my "weird feelings" I'm talking about from surgery , not regular relationship breakup feelings. I'm thinking it's less stress to just not want to be with her, than the horrible breakup stress. I don't want her back, but in the way it is, there might be less stress somehow. she still calls, stops by, and fights. Mistakes before surgery were having jobs involving driving automobiles...... I guess I have 1.5 monthes to be able to drive again, with my currently technically valid drivers license, and insured automobile (I'll just play it safe this time) Unless all this stress screws me over (everyday it's tougher to look at your car). I'm lucky to have/had various kinds of help with finances, i'm the dude without 10 kids getting gov. downtown with an EBT card., most others here do too though I bet? But I'd rather make it myself, without working at Target for a month; use my currently insured auto. Drives me nuts. College also starts in the Fall, but my dumb ex-girlfriend who messes around a day after breaking up, wants me back badly, yells, it's just horrible. This BS made it hard to even talk to a counselor last week vs. even 2 months after's hurting the short term memory right now somehow.. I have to have my notepads filled up. , can't remember some things for more than a split second (comes and goes) Brain brain keeps switching sides, that could be a good thing? Last month I took 200 pictures, this month 5 on my camera just for fun. (back to normal?) last May. I'm also basically very paranoid to even be around pot smoke, ever again. All my friends smoke pot, so here I am alone again typing unparagraphed sentencesPEACE

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