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Confused about what to do now...

I've been undergoing surgery evaluation at the Cleveland Clinic for some months now. I became an candidate and have my surgery scheduled for Oct 16. I typically have 8-10 complex partial seizures (plus some auras) each month. Then, two weeks ago I suddenly had 5 grand mal and 3 complex partial seizures in 1 day. I went to the Cleveland Clinic, where they treated me and added Lyrica to the medicine I take (previously on just Dilantin). The strange thing is that I haven't had any seizures or auras for 2 weeks now, which is a really long time for me. Is the Lyrica possibly helping me? I had tried just about every other drug (added to my Dilantin) with no success, so it was very unlikely this would help. My surgery is schedule in 3 weeks. Should I delay it now and see if the Lyrical is helping me? I'm so scared since I had those 8 seizures in a day with no explanation. I plan to call my neurologist on Monday and ask them what to do. I was prepared for the surgery and was certain I would go through with it, but now feel unsure of it. Rosalie


Hi Rosalie, Sadly, no one

Hi Rosalie,

Sadly, no one can tell you what is right as only you know what's best for you.

I had the surgery almost 2 years ago.

However, my want for surgery didn't arrive until after I had been completely controlled on drugs for over a decade and then, suddenly, lost it. This was the first time I was able to realize the huge effect E was having on my life.
Today I no longer take daily AEDs and I haven't had any seizures since the surgery.

However, you need not have surgery immedately so don't feel pressured.
There is a risk to any surgery and perhaps you might want to check out the new drug combo.
You'll know best if/when you are ready to take the chance.

Best wishes to you,

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