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Contemplating surgery

My daughter starting having seizures several years after being in a severe car accident. She's gone through several medicals to control them. She's now getting ready to be admitted to the hospital to see if she's a candidate for surgery to remove scar tissue. She has scar tissue on her left temporal side.

Can anyone who has had this surgery fill me on the success rate, was it with worth, how long the recovery time is, and anything I can expect afterwards. As a parent, this is freaking me out!


I had right-side surgery some

I had right-side surgery some years ago, details at the following link:

several medications to

several medications to control them << how many is several? There are over 60 different medications out there that can stop seizures. Did the neurologist try one with different doses? Then try another one the same way? Did the neurologist couple a medication with another medication to see if that would work?Yes surgery is an option. Many people have been thru it and some still had seizures afterward. Others had no seizures but still needed medication. Then there are people like me who have lived 50+ years and are considered seizure controlled even tho I still have a seizure from time to time. It is finding the right medication or combination of medications with the right doses that is a challenge. One that I worked on for years. I went to my neurologists appointment last Tuesday and had a seizure right in front of her. If she had not been doing her job and watching my eyes as I followed her finger she would not have known I had it. She know knows what my seizures look like and stated so. She also stated that most people would not have known I had it since it lasted a couple of seconds. So do look at all options available and do take your time since removal is one option but the VNS and RNS are also options. Doc (previous neurologist) and I discussed all options. But I could not benefit from any of those. I too have scar tissue. Mine is in more then one lobe on the left side of my brainI do hope she gets the assistance she needs and she gets seizure freeJoe

Which surgery is she being

Which surgery is she being screened for?  

Thanks for sharing your story

Thanks for sharing your story!  My 21 yo son is a candidate for surgery.

The success rate for a left

The success rate for a left temporal lobectomy is pretty good. Recovery time when you are young is much shorter than for adults. You are going to want to know what she uses her left temporal lobe for and whether she will lose any function if they take it out. If she has scar tissue--that tissue is probably dead and not doing anything anyway, but you want to understand whether her speech will be affected. The surgery is definitely worth it when it gets rid of seizures--it's one of the few "cures" out there for epilepsy for some people. The bummer is that the success rate is not 100%. They should be able to give you her individualized chance of seizure freedom as well as her risk of complications. You also need to think about the risk of not doing surgery--if she is really having uncontrolled seizures, the risk of harm from those is probably greater over time than the risk of surgery. It is going to be a very tough ordeal for you to go through. It probably will be totally worth it, but since it is your child, you are going to go through it too and in some ways will be more stressed out about it than your child! If you are freaking out, that is normal. 

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