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Embrace and SmartWatch

My 10 year-old daughter has Epilepsy. She has had seizures twice in the past and both of them were at night.
I have been monitoring her at night using a baby monitor but it has been so hard for me to sleep ( of course !).
I am thinking of getting Embrace or SmartWatch. Does anyone know the difference?

Any comments or any recommendation of other monitoring systems are really appreciated.

Thank you!!!


These 2 device are very

These 2 device are very different. The type of seizure a person has needs to be considered when thinking about a device. The Smartwatch records seizures with repeated movements, like in a tonic clonic seizure. The Embrace way record changes in heart rate movements and skin temperature that may occur with some types but not all.  Before getting one, please talk to the doctor monitoring her seizures to see what kind she has and which may work best. Then talk to the company. Another device is called a SamI Alert which records night time events and alerts people. Here is a link to devices - note that Embrace watch is still in testing phase. Hope this helps, epihelp

The comment below from

The comment below from epihelp is excellent!  I would follow their advices.   As someone who has tried the Embrace I thought I would just add my 2 cents.  While the Embrace works for some people it does not work for others.  One of the functions of the Embrace is that is sends and alert someone else via their smartphone. This seems like something that may really help you sleep easier.  Personally, my experience with the Embrace has not been a good one.  It has never reported any of my seizures (of which I have on a daily basis), and will often send false reports to my parents when I am doing something that involves repeated motions, such as playing video games, or even just being a passenger in a car.

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