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Emotion triggers after surgery?

Hi everyone, I have a question for those who have had surgery and can possibly help me out please? I am a candidate for surgery and have to go thru some tests yet before I make up my mind whether to go ahead with it or not. But one thing I'd like to know is, if anyone can answer this one, is about emotion triggers for seizures. In other words, every day of my life I have to keep an eye on my emotion to make sure I dont trigger a seizure, lige get too stressed out, or get too excited or get too upset etc. I have to try and stay on an average scale you could say, which I cannot always control of course, I am only human after all! So my question is, does one after the surgery still have to continue focusing on controlling their emotions to avoid triggering their seizures? Can anyone tell me this? I would really appreciate this. Many thanks in advance, Quirky


Re: Emotion triggers after surgery?

It really depends on the effectiveness of the surgery. If the surgery completely controls seizures probably not as careful as when it doesn't work. Even in what seems to be complete control you certainly wouldn't want to trigger them if you don't have to. I have been fortunate and had very positive results; however I still try to reduce stress when possible.

Re: Re: Emotion triggers after surgery?

Hi EarthMonkey
I see! So there is a possibility I could be still having to control my emotions after the surgery if I go ahead with it of course.
Darn! I was hoping I wouldn't have to worry about this after. i'm tired of doing this day after day.
I was hoping if successful, that I could be free with my emotions once more, like before I started having seizures (which was 10 years old), but hey, cant have it all, can we?

thanks for the input, very much apperciated,

Re: Re: Re: Emotion triggers after surgery?

Hi quirky:
Just a slightly different slant on this. I had the surgery two months ago (LTL) and have found myself to be somewhat more emotional since then. However, upon seeing my neurosurgeon this past week he advised me that this was quite within the realm of normal and should balance itself out within six months or so.
I realize this is not exactly what you were asking for, but since it deals with emotions I just thought I'd throw it out there.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Emotion triggers after surgery?

thanks pick61,
much appreciate your input,it's interesting to know what does happen so thank you for telling me.
I have the fmri scan and wada test left to go. they should be done by mid Nov latest.
thanks again,
quirky :-)

Re: Emotion triggers after surgery?

No problem quirky. I just wanted to wish you all the best for the remainder of the testing. I hope you get the results you want to enable you to move forward in whichever way seems right for you.
Best wishes.

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