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Gamma Knife

Has anyone here had gamma knife done for mesial temporal sclerosis? I've read that there have been studies on it, but can't find where it can be done. If so, where did you have it done at? I'm scared to death of traditional brain surgery, to the point I refuse it unless my life depends on it. I would consider the gamma knife though, since it isn't invasive. Thanks for any info!


I think Mayo Clinic does

I think Mayo Clinic does gamma knife.

I can help you out some. I

I can help you out some. I recently had surgery for epilepsy, and it's actually a type of gamma knife surgery. The bad thing is if you ask the wrong person, they typically won't be able to tell you if they can perform gamma knife surgery for epilepsy. I can tell you from working in a Level one Trauma Center that it's very easy to get things mixed up with all the new procedures coming around nearly daily. The surgery I had is called Stereotactic Laser Ablation, which is actually a type of gamma knife surgery. They only drilled a hole the size of a pencil in the back of my head, inserted a laser, burned out the scar tissue causing my seizures, and sewed it back up with one stitch. I had a very fast recovery, and was able to be back at work in four weeks (mainly due to the strenuous activity of working in a level one ER). If you have a light work load (office job), you could be back at work in as little as a week. If you live in Texas, there are two places that actually offer the type of surgery. They are Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center in Houston and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. I had mine performed at Memorial Hermann-TMC, and have had no adverse side effects. If your seizures are focal, then you may be an excellent candidate for it. If you have generalized seizures with more than one area of the brain causing the seizures, then you probably wouldn't be a good candidate for it.  I was in the same boat a few years ago when they wanted to perform a full left  temporal lobectomy on me. I quickly dismissed it due to the higher risk of complications and basically decided to live with epilepsy for the time. The Medial Director at the Emergency Room where I was was working in East Texas finally told me that if I wanted any hope, then I needed to go to Memorial Hermann in Houston. It took a little over a year to get all the diagnostic tests performed and get my insurance set up for the surgery, but it was well worth it in the end. I've had no seizures and no side effects from it either. If I can help you out any more, feel free to e-mail me at

There was a study about 10

There was a study about 10 years ago called the "Rose Study"  with gamma knife.  It was showed not to be that effective for left temporal lobe epilepsy (only about 40% effectiveness).  It's my understanding that it isn't being used anymore for epilepsy.  The newer, more effective route for non-invasive surgery is laser ablation.  My husband husband had gamma knife 10 years ago at UCSF (not effective) and then had laser ablation at Emory this past December (somewhat effective).  He is going to have another one to hopefully get another part of the seizure "network".  We are at Emory right now and he is getting intercranial monitoring to hopefully pinpoint the area to be ablated.  You are right in being a bit worried about traditional surgery - although having said that - it is effective.  My husband has been very worried about tradition surgery since his lesioni is very close to his verbal center.  Over the years, though - his memory and quality of life has been affected by seizures.  So - check out laser ablation surgery.  It's much more precise and less invasive.  We chose to come to Emory where they have done more than other centers (Dr. Gross and Dr. Willie were pioneers in the laser ablation area).  I highly recommend this center.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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