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Head staples

Well, I finally had my head staples removed. It wasnt a pleasant experience, but Im glad theyre out. No matter how much of that numbing stuff he put on my head, it still kinda hurt when he pulled them out with a plyer. Ew. Yeah....anyone else with head staple removal experience


Re: Head staples

Just had staples removed after an invasive eeg. It was quite painful for me. I read about the procedure online before I went in for the Dr. visit. I was under the impression that a spray-on anesthetic was common practice. But instead I had a nurse come in and remove the staples as though I was a packet of dittoes lying there in her office. Brutal, I cried the whole while. Man, epilepsy is definitely a character builder.

Re: Head staples

I had left temporal lobe / hippocampus surgery in March 2006 ,I had 50 staples in my head and these were removed 7 days after surgery, I cant complain about the method used in removing my staples, it felt like a pin prick as each one was removed. On March 1 it will be 1 year since my surgery, and all has gone well for me, and I will be able to start slowly reducing medications. I hope you go well .

Re: Re: Head staples

So you guys felt your heads? I'm about to have a RTL in a few weeks but I have already had one surgery before to remove a brain tumor- when that guy took those staples out I couldn't feel a thing! Hell I could barely feel my scalp for like a year after that surgery!

This is good news!- maybe this next guy will leave me with some sensation in my head so I don't bang it around by accident ;)

Good to hear you are all doing well!

Re: Re: Re: Head staples

good to hear that you didnt feel a thing hahaha how I envy you :)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Head staples

I had part of my LTL removed almost 9yrs ago. Funny it doesn't seem that long ago. The staples didn't bother me at all. Actually, I tend to heal quicker than what doctors expect with everything that happens to me. It kind of itched so... I pulled one of my own staples out and it was just fine. Yes, I suprised myself that I did that. It didn't itch anymore though (ha). The surgeon about laughed at me and figured I could probably finish the job. No, he didn't let me, but it didn't hurt at all when he "finished the job" for me. Those staples were just starting to make me itch and it was nice to get them taken out. Didn't hurt at all.

Re: Re: Head staples

I am also looking at a right temporal lobectomy, should all go well with the invasive monitoring. Aside from the surg, did you suffer any side-effects with memory problems? Thanks for any info.

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