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Help and advice...pain a week after wada

So I am getting tested for brain surgery and recently had my WADA test. I had it last Friday so it hasn't quite been a week yet but I feel as though I should be feeling better and I am not. As a matter of fact I am feeling quite awful. I am pretty sure they hit a nerve in my hip (they think so too) I have a lot of pain in my right hip and can't walk through a store without coming home in severe pain. My bruise and swelling in the area has gone down but is still sore and they told me it should have gone down by now. I guess I am wondering is this normal???? Sometimes it even feels like it hmmm twitches. I am not sleeping at all cause I am in a lot of pain mostly cause of my hip however when I stand up I have pain in the area where they put the catheter in as well(advil is not helping. This in turn is causing more seizures. Help me!!! Is this normal???? I have rested ...taken a week off work. Done the whole deal. I need to get back to work before I lose my job! I figured I would give it a week it's now almost a week. Anyone have any ideas?? Is this normal?? Am i freaking out for no reason (very possible)?? Thanks in advance for any advice or help. Sassy


Nerve pain

If they hit a nerve, it can hurt for quite awhile. Nerves take time to heal and if hurt are sending out pain "memos" constantly. I don't know about the wada part of the testing, as I mentioned, but as to nerve damage, I am sorry to say I do have that experience.It's different than a muscle ache, or a cut. The signals from nerves don't really stop til it is healed, but it should decrease as it heals. Calling your doctor when you are worried is always a good idea, even if they agree that yes, they hit a nerve; they should know that it is still bothering you to the extent it is.
Hope you are better soon.

Nerve Pain


I have nerve damage in my legs and feet and Cymbalta (an antidepressant) has helped me with the pain. Thereare also some ointments on the market for neuopathy pain which might help too. Ask your Pharmasist. Hugs


i had a wada test last thursday. i was so restless afterwards because i was told to lie still, not lift anything, etc. i was fine when i left the hospital. i am going back to the weightroom tonight. i am a competitve bodybuilder. i would definitely check with your doctor to see if theere is a hematoma.

good luck, domenica

Re: Help and advice...pain a week after wada

I recently had a wada test.......May 23 08"......have just a minor pain in the going up the back of my upper first I thought it was from just lying around cuz I work out a lot......then after working out I thought it was from that. It's now nearing the end of June and I still have it on/off depending how I move. Almost like a toothache. So hang in there the pain may take awile to heal. Do what they ask in a hospital and keep and diary it will help......pain level from 1-10.....3 times a day. I also had a back operation so I do have an idea what your referring to.....can drive ya nutz....take care

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