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How common are post-surgery problems?

I've been battling one physical trouble after another since my surgery, and wondering how common it is?? GERD and esophagitis, chronic hives, intracranial hemorrhage (caused by my slipping on ice and falling onto my head). On my 2nd day after returning to work, 5 days after the concussion, I suffered a back injury at work which sent me to the hospital for 4 days. 3 weeks later, I am finally returning to work-restricted duty. These troubles are all separate, I know. But it's totally unbelievable. Do I just have really bad luck? Do doctors at Mayo wish that they never even took my case, since so much crap has happened in 4 months? I feel like I'm a total pain in the a$$! My poor hubby, who has been there throughout everything, is now developing an anxiety doubt due to me and all of my troubles following. One friend has also struggled since her surgery, a year ago. Her troubles are different though. I just wonder if she and I are in the minority, and doctors regret the surgeries. Or, if we are within majority, and I just don't hear much about other people's struggles. Heather


Re: How common are post-surgery problems?

My problem was a very bad infection that I picked up from the testing grids they put on my brain.It got so bad that I passed out for a few days from the fever.Also no corrective surgery was done because my seizures were starting from both sides of my brain.So it's back to square one with me.But I am glad that I gave it a shot.I'm sorry for all I put my wife through but a normal life is a goal worth fighting for and I'm not giving up and I'm not giving in.

Re: Re: How common are post-surgery problems?

well, get this one for a post-surgery problem! While at a consult with yet another doctor to discuss why I am still swelling so much, retaining about 8 pounds of fluid, and have not had a period for 4 months now.... I mentioned that overnight I had this weird feeling that fluid was draining from my right ear. She took a look and guess what? I have a ruptured eardrum. No clue how that one occured.

Re: Re: How common are post-surgery problems?

Hey, I am getting ready to go forward with the invasive testing. When did you realize that you had an infection....during, or after?? Thanks

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