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increased senstivity to drugs after surgery

Hi everyone, My 10 yr. old son Gabe had a R. frontal resection for cortical dysplasia on Feb. 9th of 07. He has done extremely well. He was home 2 days after the resection and back to school 2 weeks later. So far he has had a few szs. within the first week and then has had 1 aura since then. What I am noticing though is that he is beginning to get tired after his meds. and he did complain of blurred vision this a.m. There has been no change in his med. since surgery- it's exactly the same dose as the previous 6 months. I've only noticed these changes when the dose is too high. Just curious if anyone else has experienced an increased sensitivity to meds. after surgery? Thanks, Cheryl


Re: increased senstivity to drugs after surgery

Yes!! I took Tegretol for 20+ years and, while I never "enjoyed" it, I tolerated it. However, after my surgery I couldn't tolerate even the smallest dosages, due to vision/balance issues. I had to change to a totally different med.


Re: increased senstivity to drugs after surgery

How is your son doing?

My 4 year old is 6 weeks from r. frontal lobe surgery. Was it successful for Gabe?

What were the drawbacks? Is he seizure free?

Re: Re: increased senstivity to drugs after surgery

Unfortunately the surgery was not a total success. Things have improved quite a bit though. He continues to have szs., but they are much shorter and are now only simple partial szs. his szs. last about 3 secs. and simply involve "a feeling in my L. arm." I can't even tell he is having one. So, eventho they didn't remove them completely, they are much improved. We are still continuing to play around with drug doses and haven't got it right yet. We just saw the neuro surgeon and he said that a second surgery is always a possibilty down the orad, but most likely will involve the loss of function in his L. ft. So far, we don't want to even consider that road because he tolerates these szs. fine. I just hope they stay so small and relatively uneventful.
I bet you are anxious about everything coming up. Have you completed all the tests? Will your son have any mapping first? Is the lesion near the motor or language area? How long has your son had szs and what kind are they?
I wish you best in the next few weeks. I hope you can remain peaceful because I know firsthand what fear can do.
Write back with any questions. I would love to be able to answer anything.
Cheryl(Gabe's mom)

Re: Re: Re: increased senstivity to drugs after surgery

Last pet showed damage on left frontal lobe right across from his CD. It's in the front. Not really near anything but in the general language and behavior area. I thought that was good, but I don't know. Now that we have an undefined area on the pet that is on the left side, we may have to do brain mapping. I don't know if that's better or not.

We will find out next wednesday.

I'm sorry it's not totally gone for your son. However, it sounds like it's substanitally reduced. Is that treated as success from your neuro.

If we had only a few seizures a year we'd be very very happy.


Re: Re: increased senstivity to drugs after surgery

Hi kmom,

I found this info on frontal lobe surgery and thought I'd post it for you:

best wishes to you and your son,

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