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left temp lobe scarring

can having seizures ..complex partial, partial  every month cater to anymore scarring already exhibited?

if this scarring is removed, could the healing and scarring from that also cause the same problem ?

can the gamma knife do this type of surgery


Re: left temp lobe scarring

Hi babzy,

Good questions for your epileptologist (or neurosurgeon).

I think that the damages continue to grow until sz's are brought under control. That is one reason that many doctors are attempting to treat TLE more aggressively than before.

The longer E goes without help, the more area becomes involved and damaged. For instance, complex partials involve the right and left hippocampus- which is why we have no memory of ictal period. On both sides, my hippocampus were rather small even before surgery. That is explained by my complex partials being out of control for many years prior to diagnosis, and my treatment period was 8 years before I was sent to an epileptologist by my neurologist.

I have no idea on your 2nd and 3rd questions. Hopefully, someone who has experience with those can share. Or, you can ask the doctor ;)

Hope that you are well, take care!


*refractory seizure surgery on left temporal lobe 03/06*

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