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new to my.epilepsy veteran to to Epilepsy

I currently take 200mg lamictal, 500mg Zonegran, 2000mg depakote ER daily, and 1 250mg tablet of depakote ER every other night. Seizures are petite seizures, and even though I had them 2 times a week it was difficut to get disability. I had a Vagal Nerve Stimulater implant in December and Doc said lets try Epilepsy Surgery. Any one have this? Did it work? What did you have to do? I have I lot on mind but can't type fast enough to get it out.


Re: new to my.epilepsy veteran to to Epilepsy

Neal, the success rate for surgery goes up if they can pinpoint the exact area of the brain where the seizures are occurring. If they can do that, the doctors can then separate that area of the brain from the other areas and you can be seizure free. In my daughters' case, the doctors have told us that there is a 70% chance that she will be seizure free once she starts getting weaned off her meds. In my research, cleveland clinic doctors go as high as 90% once the seizure focus is identified and removed (separated).

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