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Strange feelings after surgery

I had left-temporal, amygdalo-hippo surgery 2 and a half monthes ago at the Mayo clinic. Is it ok to have any sort of strange feelings? I am very paranoid about having another seizure, ever. I assume headaches are normal, but once in a while I just feel king of weird and I can't figure out if thats just what healing feels like after 11 weeks, or if I should feel normal now. The last feeling I am talking about was weird good feeling, nothing like I used to experience, and I could talk perfectly the whole time, nothing near to anything I used to experience before surgery. Is just feeling "weird", here an there, normal when healing even after 2 and 1/2 months? I can't tell if I'm having little bitty partial seizures or not.


Re: Strange feelings after surgery

I just had a right temporal lobectomy and they drained a cyst and took out part of my hippocampus, and i think i know what you're talking about.

my surgeon told me that it is common for people to have seizures, or weird feelings, for a few weeks after surgery, but that in almost all of his patients these have cleared up in a few weeks.

i know exactly how paraniod you feel, and this happens to me as well. don't worry, but don't be afraid to call your doc's office


Re: Strange feelings after surgery

After surgery on my left temporal lobe I had weird feelings for months afterwards that slowly diminished. I would not worry too much about it. I would recommend you tell continue to tell your nuerologist though, just in case.

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