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Vagus nerve stimulator

So I got my vns surgery done on 8/29/18 I was sore and uncomfortable at first but now over this pattern weekend I started getting migraines,blurred vision,and ear pain, and up at all hrs because of the headaches, I went to my primary yesterday a week later and they sent me to the emergency room of the hospital that I had the surgery done at. They did a ultrasound to check for blood clots aND gave me teradol my migraine went right away but it came back first thing this morning.they want me to make a app that with my primary and I just think it's going in circles. I don't want to activate it if I'm gonna have these migraines.


I had my VNS implanted in

I had my VNS implanted in 1999 and only had it for five years.  I do not recall having problems with headaches, blurred vision, or ear pain.  I only gave the therapy up because it did not stop the seizures completely for me and I did not like the voice changes since I like to sing in choir.The problems you are having sound like they could very well be linked to the surgery and / or VNS treatment.  I'd say let your neurologist / epilepsy specialist know about your discomfort and concerns.  Going to the ER and primary doctor will lead you in circles with lots of  wasted time and money, and possibly a misdiagnosis.

Jeanne Lenzer wrote a book

Jeanne Lenzer wrote a book about me and my experence with the VNS. If you have 17 and a half minutes to spare this interview with the author is well worth watching.

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