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Vegus Nerve Stimulator for violinist

Hi, I'm a musician with epilepsy. I'm 24 and play the violin and viola and am hoping to have a professional career. I've had complex partial seizures for a dozen years and am running out of new meds to try. My doctor says I'm a candidate for the vegus nerve stimulator but I'm worried that the placement of this device and the wires in my neck will interfere with my playing. I wonder if there are any violin players out there who have had the vegus nerve stimulator implanted and how it worked out for you. Thanks, Ben Morgan


Re: Vegus Nerve Stimulator for violinist

The only way the vaus nerve stimulator is going to bug playing your violin is if you lean to the right. and even then it'll only matter for about a month seeing as they cut up the muscles in the left side of your neck. I say go for it, it's been great to me.

Re: Vegus Nerve Stimulator for violinist

Hi Ben,

I am a composer, former flutist and pianist, and started having grand mal seizures starting in October 2004, but the really nasty ones starting in November 2005. I am seriously considering the vagus nerve stimulator, but have been unable to get sufficient information to make a decision. If you would like to correspond musically or related to the big E, you can reach me at
At this point I am still taking just lots of meds, lamictal and keppra both.


Re: Re: Vegus Nerve Stimulator for violinist

Hi lisa!!!!!!!! How are you doing??????? I'm fine. I have had a vns implanted for 4 years. It works great, you do have break through seizures though but they are nothing like if you don't have it. I hurts for awhile after they put it in but believe me it does help. It is a same day surgery, so it only takes a couple of hours to do. You get a magnet that either you can use to stop the seizure or if your with anyone they can use the magnet to stop it. i feel better about it because of the fact that i have it,its nice to know that my kids or husband can stop it. Anyway if you would like to write me back and talk to me more about it I'll talk to you ok, you can write me back ok. malissa

Re: Vegus Nerve Stimulator for violinist

Hi Ben,

I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to give you much help here only reassurance that you're not the only one in your position. I'm a guy with epilepsy, have had complex partial seizures and also running out of the meds to help my situation. The VNS is also a possibility for me but not sure whether I should go with it.

All the best with your future career plans and the options you choose for your epilepsy.

Steve, UK

Re: Re: Vegus Nerve Stimulator for violinist

Thank you all for the comments. I've been able to contact a violist with a VNS and she says it's no problem for her playing. She has it placed under her left arm and has had great results with it for reducing seizures. So at this point I'm thinking of going ahead.

Ben Morgan

Re: Re: Re: Vegus Nerve Stimulator for violinist

i don't know anything about playing the violin with a vns but i have one implanted in me and i have had it for 4 years, it has helped with my seizures but i do have break through. I have now been put on Keppra 500 mg again besides trileptal 300 mg. if anyone would like to write to me that has a vns go ahead because I would like to talk to other people that have the same thing.............

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