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VNS- Vagal Nerve Stimulation

I have dealt with Epilepsy for over 30 years. My seizures were controlled by Dilantin for all those years. For some reason lately, Dilantin does not work. I am seeing a neurologist and have tried other meds. I’m having a hard time finding the right one. I have been asked to consider VNS-Vagal Nerve Stimulation. Any advice? I am 46 if that helps...


I've been on Dilantin most of

I've been on Dilantin most of my life (52 yrs).  I had brain surgery to remove part of the right temporal lobe in 1993.  This didn't stop the seizures.  I had VNS implanted in 1999.  It didn't totally stop the seizures, it did change their nature.  They didn't seem to last as long and I recovered more quickly.  I also had a more positive attitude.  I had VNS for 5 years but discontinued it since I enjoy singing in choir.  I couldn't hold a regular job and then didn't want a treatment that wasn't completely effective to interfere with a past-time I very much enjoyed.VNS could work wonderfully for you.  There is only one way to know for sure.  But do you have "focal" or partial seizures?  Ask doctor of alternative surgeries, specifically Responsive Nerve Stimulation.  Neurostimulation is the name of the group of treatments VNS and RNS belong to and I believe they have great potential.  But you want to know your options. If you are uncomfortable with your doctor's recommendation get a second opinion at a different clinic.  A year ago I had a doctor suggesting resection of my amygdala in my right temporal lobe.  I disagreed since I knew RNS was also an option and it is a reversible treatment.  I went to another clinic for a second opinion and this doctor agreed with me.  I was amazed at how differently doctors could think! 

I am 46. I started having

I am 46. I started having seizures about 8 yrs ago. After all of the tests they still dont know why they started. I have tried numerous medictions and am currently taking 4 different meds 2x a day. The Dr wants me to consider the VNS or RNS. I was aindering if anyone knew if these can, atleast partially, be removed if they dont work?

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