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Find help seeking the best care and knowing what questions to ask your health care provider about your SUDEP risk.

DareTo Say SUDEP Infographic

The #DareTo Say SUDEP infographic provides SUDEP facts, information on who is at risk for SUDEP and how to reduce that risk. It also offers a list of questions to ask medical providers about SUDEP.

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Managing Epilepsy & Seizures Infographic

Learn new information, gain new skills, and improve your confidence to better control your epilepsy and seizures. This infographic provides facts about epilepsy as well as tools to help keep you safe.

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SUDEP: Continuing the Global Conversation Online Book



This downloadable publication, from an editorial partnership between Epilepsy Australia, SUDEP Action, and SUDEP Aware, blends the stories of families whose lives have been impacted by SUDEP with articles from leading SUDEP authors in the medical, legal and health professional fields from around the globe.

Hard copies are being distributed throughout North America by campaign partners and are still available, while stocks last, from your local Epilepsy Foundation.



The Cameron Boyce Foundation and the Epilepsy Foundation have joined forces to create K(NO)W SUDEP NOW! – an initiative to bring awareness and to end sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. Learn more at

Authored By: 
Sally Schaeffer
Patty Obsorne Shafer RN, MN
Authored Date: 
Reviewed By: 
Daniel Friedman MD
Tuesday, November 12, 2019