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My son asked "What is going on with me?"

Thu, 04/30/2020 - 17:48
Hi I am new to the forum. As a parent of 15year old boy, I am scared to death for him. During this pandemic month, my 15 years old son got his 1st seizure. He was taking a nap, and while waking up he got seizure. We are scared for him and for his future. He is very brilliant and very intelligent kid. Looking for some positive and motivational comments which can help us. We have started medication, but want to get some expert opinion about how to help him.


Yes and I will likely have to

Submitted by Patriotrehab on Sun, 2020-05-03 - 17:02
Yes and I will likely have to take medication for the rest of my life because epilepsy is a chronic disease. There are very few people who don’t have to take medication for epilepsy after they have a confirmed diagnosis and their seizures are controlled with medication for a number of seizures. Those that are able to go off of the medication are those whose epilepsy starts in early childhood and the person “grows out of it” or the seizures are isolated to one or two small areas of the brain (often with a specific cause) that can be resolved with surgery. For those where there is no known cause or the seizures are not isolated to one area of the brain, medication is the preferred method of treatment and it is typically throughout the person’s life. There are some neurologists that will try to take a person off their medication if their seizures have been controlled for a number of years, but in the majority of cases...the person ends up having seizures again and the patient becomes upset and ultimately changes doctors. I’ve tried going off my medication before and I’ve had seizures without the medication. 

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