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Strips and Grids???

Hello everyone I was wondering has anyone had the strips and grids test done.  I am having surgery within the next year and have been told that my next step after therapy is the "strips and grids"  Now from what I understand this is the test where they drill the holes in your head and put the eeg right on your brain.  But I would like to learn more about it I feel better going through a test when I know more about it.  Has anyone done it or have a link or further infomration about it??  Or could you even just tell me how it works???  I will admit this one kinda scares me..invasive eeesh!






Hellooooo Sassy. I can think

Hellooooo Sassy. I can think of a few members who would be of great help with this. So when I catch them I will send em over here. If they can get here that is! LOL

Hi,  I had intercranial

Hi,  I had intercranial strips put in for testing years ago.  The strips are not right against your brain they are between the skull and the protective coverings which surround your brain.  They put four different strips in.  Two on the top of my head and one above each ear.  They shave your head and drill holes in your skull to put the strips in.   They knock you out to do it.  You are in the hospital for several days due to the surgery and the veegs.  You will be on morphin or something to control pain.  It is not very comfortable.  They put the drill chips in the holes to help your head with the regrowth of the bone.  You will end up with dents where the holes were.  It should not cause any permanent damage besides the peculiar dents which are under the hair line for me.  The cuts are small and do not effect muscles.  You will have a scar from the cut but it should dimminish.  If you are willing to go through surgery you must do this to get there because this helps them tell where the seizures are coming from.   It definitely caused a big headache at the time but no long term effects.   

Ohhhh thank you thank you

Ohhhh thank you thank you thank you!!! As much as your answer scares the shit strait out of me it is very helpful.  I am going ahead with the surgery so YES i need to do this.  And hearing it from someone who has gone through it is much better then hearing what the doctors tell you they like to suger coat it.  So thank you.  I hope that your surgery went well and that your doing well, and thank you so much for the information. 

Best to you!!



No worries okay! I had the intracranial done as well ...then the Right Temporal Lobectomy.... The doctors would NOW like to do the grid mapping( the right way to go at it) .... since I was the rare ones to experience minor seizures afterwards!! Point being... it sounds scary as SH*t, but you are doing the right thing & you will be better than ever!!!  My prayers are with you & yours! Let us know how it goes K? Oh yeah... STAY POSITIVE!

Much Love,


Re: Best to you!!

Sassy, not as a scare, I know it is frightening to decide on surgery.  I was so excited to think that there might be the chance of no more seizures.  So the electrodes - mapping didn't scare me.  After it didn't work and I ended up with 2 strokes - I am now petrified of surgery.  But that is me.  One month in the hospital after the surgery and then another month in one of the best rehab hospitols in the City., then another month in rehab as an outpatient around where I live.  No thanks!  But best of luck to you is you do go through this.  By the way when that one person explained to you where the electrodes are placed - yes they do touch part of your brain - that is how I ended up having the bleeds.  Just please talk it out with your surgeon!!!!          Mary



i have never gone through it but you will be in my prayers. let us know when it is time so we can all pray for you and again at surgery time. i understand your being scared, i am scared just at getting a vns after the first of the year sometime and that is nothing compared to what you are going to go through. just remember we are all here for you!



Thank you

Thank you and good luck with your VNS you will be in my prayers as well.   I hope it works out for you!

Hi Sassy, There's

Hi Sassy,

There's detailed info on invasive electrodes on the professional site of, but there's pictures of the electrodes on the brain. Some people don't like to see brain pics, but if you want to, see this page - .

The biggest thing to remember is to plan enough time for this testing. It is a major procedure, though still only diagnostic. You won't know if you're a good surgical candidate to have the site of seizures removed until you go thru this. And just doing this phase may take days to few weeks or even more! After they place the electrodes and do the recording, if you're found to be a surgical candidate, some surgeons will do the resective surgery when they take the strips and grids out. Or they may just remove the grid/strips and go back in later and remove the area causing the seizures.  

Having realistic expectations is very important. Someone can go through a lengthy procedure and not be a candidate for surgery, or have resective surgery but not get complete control of seizures. Yet even people who don't have complete seizure control,  may be helped if seizures are less intense or can be better controlled with a combination of surgery and medicines. 

Make sure to ask the surgical team you are working with to talk to an epilepsy nurse who can walk you through each step of the procedure and help you with the practical stuff! A good counselor/social worker is very helpful - for the person going thru it as well as the family!

Good luck!



Resource Specialist

I don't want to scare you

I don't want to scare you BUT I picked up a nasty infection from my grids. I passed out from the fever for two days & spent two 1/2 extra weeks in the hospital. When I went home I had a shunt in my arm so that I could give myself aintiboitics for 5 wks. By the way I never could have the surgery. Back to square one.

Re: I don't want to scare you

I had this procedure done a little les than 2 years ago.  Peoplr have explained it quite well so I won't bother going through everything.  The one thing that I would advise anyone is that you ask as many questions as possible.  Don't let your surgeon sugar coat any part of the procedure.  I actually trusted my doctors and now wish that I had found out more about the procedure.  I ended up having 2 bleeds which caused 2 strokes.  My neuro surgeon even told me that there is the possibility of a stroke as in any operation but that that most likely would not  happen to me.  I wouldn't have the surgery because it is in a very dangerous part of my brain and I don't ever want to go through what I have gone through.  I'm a small perscentage of people that this happens to but it is possible.  I just feel that it is very important to ask your doctor anything and everything that you can think of. Best of luck if you end up going through the surgery.  Mar

   (if you have any other questions or would like more detail, just say so)

Re: I don't want to scare you

HOly freaky hore's okay though everyone needs to hear the bad side too.  Eeeesh.  This "real" feeling is hard to take sometimes. Thank you very much for all the advice. 



Re: Strips and Grids???

My 8 year old daughter just came home from having intercrainial monitoring on January 22 and removal of her left occipital and temporal lobes on January 29.  First of all she's doing fantastic!  She had 106 electrodes on her brain, mostly grids and some depth electrodes.  Her seizures started 2 1/2 years ago and were in the occipital lobe, mostly visual but traveled rapidly to the temporal lobe.  There was also some resection of the parietal lobe.  She was not really comfortable with the grid in place.  The swelling started the day after surgery and reached its peak 2 days after surgery.  It was very uncomfortable.  She was taking tylenol and codine for pain until we realized that the codine was making her sick.  After that the tylenol every 4 hours was enough.  On the third day after surgery the Dr.'s did mapping.  It was quite an ordeal for an 8 year old to go through.  There was a concern about her language so they spent most of the time mapping to ensure that there wouldn't be a language deficit.  She was able to answer the questions while simulating those electrodes, so we were good to go.  They unhooked the wires after mapping and over the next 3 days she was tired and grumpy, but very happy to have all of that stuff disconnected.  The resection was done on Jan 29, taking 8 hours.  She spent 21 hours in ICU and and was released 4 days after that. She's still recovering, all of her language skills are intact.  She has a visual field deficit to the right in both eyes, but this is what we expected.  So far, she is seizure free.

Best of Luck

Canadian Girl

Re: Strips and Grids???

Thank you for your explanation.  I have had 2 surgeries and the Epileptologists at John Hopkins put me on a drug study and did another MRI and I hadn't one for a long time.  They found an abnormality which caused my seizure when you described your daughters it fit mine to almost a tea!  The MRI indicated it on the fourth ventricle.  The noted Occipitally, Parietally, and Temporally via the EEG.  The want to do depth and strips too. My visual deficicits will be right side too on both eyes too! They explained it happend during Gestation around the 5 th week or 6 th week.  It was no one fault!


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