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Abby is being scheduled to have her tonsils out the end of this month and I am really getting nervous about it. I worry that she might have a seizure during the procedure,and i know her vns isnt in the way but worries me anyway.  i'm going to insist they keep her overnight at least. anybody else had surgery of any kind?


Re: tonsilectomy

hi there!

i just had my tonsils removed yesterday and everything went well.. well i'm not a doctor but i was worried about the same thing! i was worried about having a seizure during the tonsilectomy but my doctor said that the anesthesia numbs everything including the brain which means there not that much activity going on so nothing should happen..

but one thing u sould know and expect is for her to have a seizure or more right after the surgery.. my doctor told me that its common for epileptic patients to have seizures right after surgery.. not all of them but its common.. so he just wanted me to be prepaird just incase it happen.. sure enough after my surgery after i woke up i had 4 grand mals right after eachother even though my seizures are partial seizures.. ihis was my first time having grand mals dont know why they werent like what the other seizures i always get  though.. i'm not trying to scare u or anything just trying to let u know what to expect so u can be ready just incase..

take care!


Re: tonsilectomy

Ive had my tonsils out and both my knees operated on, both surgeries went fine, but for me they put me on a phenytoin drip to prevent seizures while in theatre.



Re: tonsilectomy

My nine year old son had his tonsils and adenoids taken out last year and he did fine through the surgery but he did have a seizure the day after he came home from the hospital. The thing they are worried about is bleeding if a seizure occurs so make sure she is kept over night. Our pedatrician and the ENT both agreed.  Good Luck and hope she enjoys the ice cream.

Re: tonsilectomy

I agree w/ the poster above, Krystal. I have had a few surgeries. The sz's never hit during the surgery itself, they hit during recovery. Like, that first night or so. It has happened to me 3 times now. Just be sure to share your daughters' medical condition- what meds she takes, types of sz's, and how well-controlled they are. That way, if something does happen everyone will be prepared.

 Best of luck and hugs to you both!


*refractory seizure surgery on left temporal lobe 03/06*

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